Too many entries in desktop background list!

  Brazils 14:40 26 Jun 2005

Some how my wife's wallpaper list in display properties/desktop seems to contain every image in her documents folder, and she has never used most of them! This has only occurred recently. How can I reduce this list, so it only lists images from the normal wallpapers in windows etc.

Where is this list stored? (not the images, but the list)


  Joe R 15:39 26 Jun 2005


the background images for win XP, are just stored in C:\ windows

  Joe R 15:44 26 Jun 2005


sorry, just reread the post.

  Joe R 15:51 26 Jun 2005


taken from another forum.

If you notice, when you go to Display properties/Desktop you won't find a delete button to prune the long list of wallpaper, but that doesn't mean it can't be done. You can go to the wallpaper folder directly and delete from there. Here's how:
Usually the wallpaper folder is located at C:\WINDOWS
\Web\WALLPAPER. If you don't find it, just do a search for "Wallpaper" and it will come up in the list.

Once you get to that folder, if you have Win ME or newer, change the view to "Thumbnail" so you can see all the pictures.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click the pictures you want to get rid of.

Click your Delete key

  Brazils 18:48 26 Jun 2005

I'm sorry to say I had already checked the folder you mentioned before I posted. The extra wallpapers listed all reside in my wife's My Documents folder from what I can see.

I want to be left with just the wallpapers in the Windows folder and those in the Web folder. This is my problem. Using XP Home and ATI graphics, if this helps anyone.


  Brazils 21:12 26 Jun 2005

I've played around with a few things, but I can't solve the problem.

If I move all the images from My Pictures, then they are removed from the list in Display Properties/Desktop. They reappear if I put them back! Something is pointing to My Pictures folder for some reason.

Next, I moved the images to another folder, rebooted and ran a registry cleaner, assuming the list is in the registry somewhere, and as I'd moved the files the cleanup would sort it out. No joy, all reappeared in the list when I put the images back in My Pictures.

Any ideas anyone? Please.

  Joe R 21:21 26 Jun 2005

Have you tried deleting, the "my Pictures" folder, and creating another one under a different title, to put the other images into.?

  Brazils 21:48 26 Jun 2005

If I just rename the My Pictures folder the images are still listed as wallpapers.

If I deleted the My Pictures folder then that would work, but then every Windows XP user expects a My Pictures folder as part of XP.

If I then make a new My Pictures folder and put the images back in, they reappear in the wallpaper list. Wierd.

My wife likes to see the My Pictures link in Start.

  Taff36 22:01 26 Jun 2005

There`s a setting in XP to make all your pictures in that folder available as wallpaper. You can run a slide show of them all so it changes throughout the day. I`ll try and find it now. Don`t delete anything yet!

  Brazils 09:01 27 Jun 2005

ideas anyone?

  Taff36 16:42 27 Jun 2005

I don`t know if this has been suggested but I think it works. Create a directory called My Pictures as a sub directory of My Pictures. i.e.C:\Documents and settings\Wifes Name\ Wifes Pictures\My Pictures. Now move all your pictures to the Sub Folder and don`t leave any under the main My Pictures Folder. Hope I`ve explained that well enough.

Still haven`t found the proper way of doing it but I think it`s a registry job.

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