too many anti this and that

  littlestan 17:02 22 Jun 2008

Just read an excellent help item on the forum about inability to connect to BT hub because of too many anti virus programmes. could someone tell me if i have too many, too few etc as I'm afraid i am a little lost on the subject but have taken advice in the past from this excellent forum but the BT thing got me thinking. Anyway, I have HP laptop running Vista, and have free downloaded from this site, spywareblaster; superantispyware; ccleaner and i currently have free version of AVG 7.5 installed. AVG keep sending me an invitation to upgrade - but still resisting as mixed reactions on the forum and not sure what to do about upgrading to the new version??? So how am i doing with what is on my system?? All help, as always, very gratefully received. thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:10 22 Jun 2008

What you have is fine, a good combination and certainly not too much.

AVG as your antivirus
spywareblaster as a blocker
SuperAntispyware as a scanner
and ccleaner to get rid of the trash.

This lot will not cause any problems connecting to a BT hub.
Main problem people have with BT hubs is the older hubs that will not recognise WPA but only WEP.

  provider 2 17:14 22 Jun 2008

Seems to me you`re doing fine.

A quick look at the 148 pages of requests for advice concerning all manner of difficulties with AVG 8.0 suggests that all is not well and an update is rumoured to be on the way sometime this month.

If you really can`t be bothered pfaffing about with workarounds and maybe a return to AVG 7.5 anyway, it`s probably best to stay put.

  littlestan 17:29 22 Jun 2008

many thanks both - i will put off upgrading to AVG 8 until they can iron out the problems but if i do have to change - what would be the best alternative which will need to run with what i have on board already, work with BT hub and Vista.
Thanks for all your help. x

  provider 2 17:37 22 Jun 2008
  Totally-braindead 17:39 22 Jun 2008

If AVG 8 does cause problems, and so far I have installed it on 2 PCs without any bother, but IF you upgrade and it does cause a problem then you just stop it running in the background, delete it via add/remove programs and then try something else - such as Avast free for instance.

What you must not do is install more than one anti virus program and have them both running at the same time. But if you deleted AVG in the future then you could easily try Avast free instead. Or indeed any anti virus program you like.

When you do have to upgrade I would try it first, see if you do have problems and only if you do have problems go for Avast. As I said I have tried it in 2 pcs and both went fine so the problems do not effect everyone.

  littlestan 17:51 22 Jun 2008

thanks for all the advice - MUCH appreciated

  kjrider 19:33 22 Jun 2008

Don't recommend the CA anti virus.

After the free trial period, it has stuck itself into my PC, like a virus, and keeps telling me to pay to upgrade it.

AVG is free and far better.


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