Too hot to handle.

  illegaleagle 22:53 11 Jun 2003

Got a bit of a problem with my mobo.

Ive got an asus K7VT2(nice cheap bundle effort form maplins) and it keeps gettin rather hot. SisSandra reckons that it gets as hot as 55 degrees sometimes, which it states is a problem.

My system is stable and very rarely crashes, and ive installed an extra couple of case fans as well as an exhaust fan, but this didnt seem to make much difference.

Anyone got any suggestions?.... i was wondering what the best arrangement of fans is in a standard ATX style case.

  hugh-265156 23:17 11 Jun 2003

what does the bios say for the temperatures.

sandra,aida32 and mbm are spot on for the motherboard but are about 10C out on the cpu.

2x fans in low at the front and 1x out high at the back im told is best set up.

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  hugh-265156 23:17 11 Jun 2003

sandra,aida32 and mbm are spot on for the motherboard but are about 10C out on the cpu.

for me that the way

  illegaleagle 23:39 11 Jun 2003

Cheers for the tips on the fans, the bios says the same,and it seems to get my processor right too.
I have an atholn 2000xp in it and that stays nice and cool, usually in the low 30s.

Do you know where the heat is generated on the mobo, it doesn't really seem that hot if i open it straight after an intensive session and i was wondering if the sensor could be close to my power supply, its the only thing that really seems to get hot in there.

  User-312386 23:45 11 Jun 2003

YOU say you have an asus board, do you not have the asus probe installed from the MOBO disc?

also if you have a graphics card installed you should have a fan fitted at the back of the case blowing the air out not in


  illegaleagle 23:52 11 Jun 2003

Havent got that asus probe installed i dont think, thought i installed everything off the disk but ill have to check that in the morning..

Got an exhaust fan taking the hot air out but have got one specifically on the card (g-force 4 mx) ... should that be positioned directly under the vga card cos its currently under a mpeg card that has no cooling devices of its own.

Does the g-force 4 generate a lot of heat... its a fairly cheap version (64 meg with a clock of around 200)?

  hugh-265156 23:52 11 Jun 2003

cant find any good info on the board regarding layout etc its listed as an oem jobby.

56C is way too high for the mobo if thats correct.
strange that the cpu is 30ish?

any higher than about 30-35 under load for the board and 60 for the cpu and i would think ther is a problem.

im not well up on this.more knowledgable forum members will be able to help you.

  Djohn 23:56 11 Jun 2003

Have you by any chance got your temp. readings mixed? 55c would seem about right for your CPU, and mid 30's for your Motherboard. j.

  illegaleagle 00:11 12 Jun 2003

No im afraid not...

I made a special effort to cool my processor, put the best thermal paste i could find and i have a good heatsink.. its just the board temperature which seems to be way out.

I have a really hot power supply but obviously using fans to cool the system would be cheaper than getting a new one..
The board isnt constantly running at 55, that jus an example of a hot day when its been on for a while... hopefully next year its going to be an always on system so i need to get the problem sorted.

Cheers for the tips folks, ive got a few things to try now and any further suggestions are welcome.

  hugh-265156 00:14 12 Jun 2003

temps will depend on your room temperature to start with.

  illegaleagle 00:18 12 Jun 2003

By the way, where are the temperature sensors in aida32?

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