TomTom differences?

  Simsy 10:48 14 Apr 2008


Can someone confirm that my understanding, as follows, is correct;

If I were to buy a TomTom One Great Britain, eg, click here ,

and subsequently buy european maps for it, would I be in the same position as if I had bought the Eu version to start with?

The reason I ask is that we're thinking of getting one. We very, very, very rarely drive in Europe, but it seems to me that if we were to, then it would be a boon. However, as the likelyhood of that happening in the next couple of years is virtually zero, I'm reluctant to invest the extra money now, for something that may be out of date when I need to use the feature.

Is there something inherently different about an "Eu" model TomTom, or is it just the maps, which I can buy later and add to a GB version?

Thanks in anticipation,



  PO79 12:17 14 Apr 2008

Your understanding of the situation is correct. If you buy the Europe version you will get all Europe maps. If you buy the GB version you can purchase maps on a country by country basis, as and when required.

  covkid 13:16 14 Apr 2008

The Tomtom one 3rd edition GB has no slot for a memory card, so its hard to add euro mapping.

  Simsy 13:59 14 Apr 2008

But surely you can do it via PC download/upload?

Can't you?



  Pineman100 14:13 14 Apr 2008

Simsy - yes.... theoretically. But if there's not enough storage in the unit to hold the European mapping, you're stuffed.

You might want to take a look at pricing, too. I was going to buy a Garmin satnav with just UK mapping, and then add Europe later. But when I looked at the price of adding the upgrade via a download, it was a great deal cheaper to buy the unit with Europe mapping loaded in the first place.

  Simsy 14:19 14 Apr 2008

Surely there's enough space though! That would be a marketing failure... selling something that's essentially not able to have money spent on it!

I take your point about the cost... I'll have to gamble on that. I really don't see us using the europe feature in the near future. I just wanted to see what my options were.

Maybe I'll just go for the GB version and if/when the time comes for driving in Europe we'll deal with the problem then!!




  anchor 14:29 14 Apr 2008

I understand that you do not wish pay more for the European maps, that you might rarely use.

However, the good news is that you can get the TomTom One Europe V3, for £113, (with free delivery), from Halfords the web site below. They offer a discount code you enter when purchasing. This is £2 less that the Amazon price for the UK only version. Other models are also available with discount.

See here:

click here

  Simsy 15:39 14 Apr 2008

Nice link...

However, it has raised another question that I hadn't previously thought of... Does the "Europe" version include the Republic of Ireland? That's something that may well get some use.



  anchor 16:17 14 Apr 2008

Your welcome Simsy:

As regards Ireland; if you look here you will see that it has a 99% coverage for both Ulster and the Republic; (same as for the rest of the UK).

click here

  Snec 16:27 14 Apr 2008

On your link they are the same price..... perhaps I'm missing something.

  Simsy 11:23 15 Apr 2008

And after all that it turns out there is a different use for the money anyway!!



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