LANDCRUISER 11:36 18 Jul 2007

I have a tomtom 910 sat nav & for some reason i have lost the UK maps,i did a back up but for some reason it will not restore all the files,is there a free recovery software that would get the files back,i have even tried restoring from my ghost back up but still have no files that i need

  [email protected] 11:49 18 Jul 2007

The maps should be on the CD which came with the unit

  LANDCRUISER 11:56 18 Jul 2007

Hi oldal1,i have the cd but i thought it came installed on the tomtom 910,are you sure about this because i have tried doing a fresh restore from disc but it then seemed to load all my previous file

  ton 12:26 18 Jul 2007

I've just checked my Tomtom One CD, it doesn't have the map.

When I got mine I copied the SD card onto another card and put the original away safely. But this is no help to you.

I reckon you will have to get in touch with Tomtom website to download a new copy.

  LANDCRUISER 12:32 18 Jul 2007

i rang them yesterday & they told me to go into wester folder & copy & paste into tomtom that i did but this did not work

  crosstrainer 12:53 18 Jul 2007

....As my sat nav is built into the phone, but It updates itself when I activate can't get the maps from there can you?

  [email protected] 16:00 18 Jul 2007

Sorry for the delay in replying, Mine is a TOMTOM one and the map is on the cd at :


the major roads of europe ar at :-


Where X: is the CD Drive address.

  ^wave^ 16:45 18 Jul 2007

ok i had probs with my tomtom 510 a while back and the restore failed. the only way out i found was to go to windows explorer and then go to my documents/tomtom/home/backups/go/backup01/storage. then copy everything in that folder and then paste it into you tomtom sd card you may have to format the sd card first. hope this helps

  LANDCRUISER 16:58 18 Jul 2007

Thanks for your input everyone,i really do not know what to do for the best,i going to try to get my files back with a software program i found first then try what you have said

  LANDCRUISER 17:15 18 Jul 2007

the only thing i have found on the tomtom cd is RASTER i look in them & the it has some files there,are these the correct ones & do i copy to pc or tomtom

  anchor 13:46 19 Jul 2007

I see you have also asked the same question on the YourNav forum, (where I would imagine best help would be available).

The latest post by Andy_P suggests you search your entire system hard drive, and your TomTom, for "cline.dat".

He said, if you cannot find it, then your maps have gone for good.

I see it on my TomTom 700 in the folder Western_Europe-Map. It is large, about 768Mb.

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