catpwss 18:23 22 Oct 2010

Hi,I have a tomtom one xl.Thinking of getting the traffic alert system.Just wondering how does this piece of cable setup work,Where does it plug in on the satnav as there is only one socket for the charger and usb conectivity.So where does this traffic system work??.Has anyone got it working on a one xl,And is its worth the effort where would be the best place to get one?.

  woodchip 18:43 22 Oct 2010

There should be a socket at the bottom for it, wire goes up the side of windscreen on the nearside stuck with suction cups. I have TT 1 that's how mine connects, you do not need to nothing other than the above Take another look at the bottom of the one

  woodchip 18:44 22 Oct 2010

It picks up roadside information on Traffic jams and re diverts you if you have a journey planed, round the road block

  woodchip 18:46 22 Oct 2010

Got mine from Makro Warehouse with a TT Case. but Halfords should have them in

  catpwss 18:49 22 Oct 2010

woodchip.Looked underneath tt there is the charge/usb socket next to that is a round looks like a socket,then the sd card and a reset hole.

  catpwss 18:57 22 Oct 2010

PS,If I get one is there any instalation involved or do I just plug the cable in and away we go?.

  woodchip 20:34 22 Oct 2010

Yes its the round socket that it plugs into

  woodchip 20:34 22 Oct 2010

Just plug it in and you TT will pick it up

  northumbria61 20:47 22 Oct 2010

Subscription per year £29.95

  woodchip 20:53 22 Oct 2010

You do not need to buy any Subscription for the above, you just buy the hardware and plug it in and it works from Roadside Hardware. Its not For Speed Cameras etc

  Woolwell 20:54 22 Oct 2010

I think woodchip is describing version one of the aerial the later version is usb click here and I understand that the charger and it daisy chain. Version 2 is reportedly much better than version 1. I considered getting one but read up all the reviews and decided against. It picks up the RDS. I subscribed to TomTom traffic and picked it up via my phone into my TomTom. It wasn't very good and i got just as much info for free listening to the traffic news on my car radio. However I think it does depend in which part of the country you are using it. I'm in the south west.
Halfords have them and I suggest you have a look at them first. You can get them on e-bay and I think Amazon.

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