Tombraider's "The Last Revelation"

  micklemouse 16:00 09 Jan 2006

I love this game, haven't played it in ages - not since I used to play it on Windows 98 Platform. Now I want to play it on Windows XP and I'm just curious to know if it's wise to install it again or will it cause complications? I have never used the Compatability mode but is this the time to use it? I would like to hear from anyone who has done this as well.

Regards Micklemouse

  Totally-braindead 16:24 09 Jan 2006

It won't cause complications, I've played it on XP no problem, can't remember if I had to run it in compatabilty mode or not but don't think so.
Regarding all the Tomb Raider games the only one that won't run is the original, some people have managed to work around it with various fixes but it wouldn't work with my PC. All the other titles run perfectly although some do need patches.

  micklemouse 16:29 09 Jan 2006

Thanks t-braindead (like the name by the way!) I will install it and take it from there. Expect not to hear from me if it's ok. Expect to hear from me if it don't for more info :-(

Regards Micklemouse

  Totally-braindead 16:29 09 Jan 2006

Regards patches etc have a look here click here

  gudgulf 16:30 09 Jan 2006

The original TombRaider and TombRaider 2 have been released together on the "Sold Out" budget label.

These will both work on XP.

You can also get The Last Revelation on Sold Out too,so if your original copy wont work you can get a cheap replacement that will.

  Totally-braindead 16:36 09 Jan 2006

gudgulf yes they are out on budget and say they play on XP but I bought one because I thought that there must be patches or whatever built into it to allow me to play it as my original just wouldn't, as it was a DOS game. But the sold out version never worked either and contacting them didn't help either, ended up giving it away to someone that was still using 98. Tomb Raider 2 however works no problem.

  gudgulf 16:44 09 Jan 2006

That's odd......the original version works fine on my pc (XP Pro SP2 fully patched/2GB RAM).

This is the version I am referring to click here released in 2004.

  Totally-braindead 17:04 09 Jan 2006

Yes thats the one I bought and couldn't get it to work at all, tried various fixes and in the end gave up. If it worked for you then fine, I have no idea why it wouldn't run on mine. Never had any problem with any other game and I play a lot of them including the older ones such as the original Command and Conquer.

  micklemouse 09:14 10 Jan 2006

As to why it works on some computers and not others, I'm wondering if it's because it's down to what kind of graphics one may have on the computer. I bought Lord of the Rings game only to find out that I needed Nvidia or whatever it's called and it simply wouldn't play because I don't have it. My old Packard Bell comes with Intel graphics.

  cycoze 11:57 10 Jan 2006

click here has the info you need for The Last Revelation , my favourite in the series other than the original which is way to blocky unless you use Glidos click here .

  micklemouse 13:29 10 Jan 2006

Thanks cycoze, have bookmarked this page. I have only ever played The Last Revelation and also part of TR3 which installed and played with no problem. Now I'll have to re-learn all the finger movements again... oh dear me!

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