tomb raider legacy +uninstall

  tonyq 16:03 16 Jun 2006

a friend is finding that he is unable to uninstall "Tomb Raider Legacy"from his computer (WinXP)not being a games person myself I hope I have got the title correct,can uninstalling be a problem with this game if so what is the way to uninstall.He as tried using add/remove to uninstall to no avail.

  mattyc_92 16:46 16 Jun 2006

I have uninstalled this game with no problems...

Does your friend recieve any error messages when attempting to uninstall it?

  tonyq 17:26 16 Jun 2006

I think he gets a message something like "unable to proseed with uninstall" but not to sure. He is uninstalling because he thinks his computer is not powerfull enough to run the game as it is running very slow ect.Could this be anything to do with not being able to uninstall?. Sorry but do not know specs of computer.

  nadal 19:27 16 Jun 2006

try re-instaling the game, then use the uninstall option from the game itself - could be that some of the games files have been deleted, in the attempt to get rid of it?

  tonyq 19:51 16 Jun 2006

I will not be able to contact him for a few days,but when I do I will suggest your replies and report back.
Thanks for now.

  tonyq 11:41 18 Jun 2006

problem solved,he as been able to go back to before he installed Tomb Raider Legacy,(April)using "Windows Restore". He must not use his computer alot to be able to go that far back.
Thanks for your help.

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