Tom Tom Trojan

  ronlin 21:43 30 Jan 2007

According to scources theres a virus/trojan on the tom tom satnavs what can i do if mines contaminated/

  p;3 21:49 30 Jan 2007

click here

have a nose at this thread for starters

  ronlin 21:59 30 Jan 2007

Thanks for that , done it.

  p;3 22:04 30 Jan 2007

my ammusement with this though is that if it is the car navigation thingi;

to whom do you send out the distress call when you are navigated into the large field of cows around the non-existant bend you have just negotiated ....

  sinbads 22:09 30 Jan 2007

whats your point?

  p;3 22:11 30 Jan 2007

do you not have a sense of humour and the ridiculous?

  sinbads 22:30 30 Jan 2007

ok the 910 veresion of tom tom may contain malware ;but it shouldn't present to much of a problem if ytou have the basic protection.

Never been in the cow feild situation lol

  woodchip 23:12 30 Jan 2007

virus/trojan Will not be on the Tom Tom software it will be on the site most likely, waiting for victims. So it can put it on your computer at download

  ronlin 09:34 31 Jan 2007

Thanks everybody i reckon ive got reasonable protection on my pc to take care of any threat.

  sinbads 16:14 31 Jan 2007


The malware was in a batch of 910's produced in a particular week.

Since you need to connect your device to a computer, this is where the malware is introduced to your computer.
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  Confab 16:37 31 Jan 2007

The malware was pre-installed on the TomTom 910 only.

"Popular navigation aid TomTom has admitted that a batch of its latest devices have shipped with a virus pre-installed"

You do not need to connect your TomTom to a computer as everything you need to get going is in the box. However if you want to you can connect to a computer updates etc.


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