Today's Thunder

  €dstowe 09:43 31 Aug 2008

Storms with spectacular lightning approaching Chichester/Goodwood area.

  skidzy 09:46 31 Aug 2008

Beautiful here in Suffolk,not a cloud around :-)
Guess we will get the storm tonight :-(

  iscanut 10:18 31 Aug 2008

Black as night and pouring here in Devon, but does not seem thundery. However, don't forget that if there is any threat of thunderstorms, disconnect leads from you phone line

  provider 2 10:27 31 Aug 2008

Most of it in France at the moment, by the looks of things:

click here

  Sea Urchin 10:30 31 Aug 2008

Most peculiar - when I click on provider 2's link IE7 shuts down. Maybe it's the thunder!

  provider 2 10:33 31 Aug 2008

It wasn`t me Gov, honest!

  provider 2 10:39 31 Aug 2008

Sea Urchin,

I`ve just checked. It`s slower to load in my IE 7 than in the AOL browser, but apart from that, it`s ok.

  €dstowe 10:42 31 Aug 2008

Hmmmmm.... Passed over now but I'm sure it will be back.

  Sea Urchin 10:46 31 Aug 2008

It also happens on Firefox. When I hover over the link the URL shows correctly, but even typing it into the address bar shuts down IE. I shan't worry about it, as all other links seem to work OK.

  provider 2 10:51 31 Aug 2008

Sea Urchin,

Very strange. I`ve just checked again ... still slow but still ok.

.... storm heading north. Tin hats on, I think.

  Technotiger 10:53 31 Aug 2008

Provider 2's link works ok for me using FF3. No storms here in Hampshire - yet!!

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