TMP files

  Ralphpeter 22:58 25 Jan 2003

In C:/windows/TMP - I get 2 0KB files every minute in the form WK_2181.TMP, WK_2A34.TMP.
Also hidden files ffastlog.txt, officeh.tmp, both 9KB.
This prevents defrag from working.
I keep removing them & they keep comming back.
Help welcome.
McAfee anti virus finds nothing.

  VoG™ 23:00 25 Jan 2003

It is best to run defrag in Safe Mode. If you need to know how to do this please post back.

  Ralphpeter 22:15 30 Jan 2003

Although safe mode allows defrag to work I still need to stop the creation of the 2 .TMP files every minute. These do not clear on close down like most .tmp files do. I have to bin them by the thousand each day.

  wee eddie 23:54 30 Jan 2003

I have never done one of these before, but here goes. click here

I havent had time to try the second idea yet. too much Curling. And the stress of having to pay the VAT man!

  barryoneoff 01:33 31 Jan 2003

do you have running in the background? If the files keep appearing it must have something to do with one of these. Try ending task on each one separately 'till you find the culprit.

  Ralphpeter 22:40 31 Jan 2003

not all silver surfers are technicaly minded but I try went I can

  wee eddie 18:04 01 Feb 2003

I wish I had enough to go silver

  Ralphpeter 23:14 03 Feb 2003

wee eddie. thanks
I've looked into the info and cann't find anything that works for me.
The WK_1234.TMP file just keep comming as well as ffe123456.tmp. Also offieh.tmp & offices.tmp hidden files.
Now I,ve foud jetpool.tmp & jet1234.tmp
I give up.

  Rtus 23:57 03 Feb 2003

Its my guess (as its a long time since I used office ) You have office Fast find working in the back ground .Its icon would be in the control panel.also entry in Msconfig (use selective startup)then look in startup tab menu. Where you can temp disable it by unticking and for WK_1234.TMP works for windows ??? maybe

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