TMEEJM_Wnd not responding

  OK Computer 13:57 20 May 2004

I was wondering if anyone could help.

I have a Toshiba Laptop (M10) running Windows XP Pro. Every time I boot up into Windows and then double click on My Computer for a second time, the cursor flashes as if busy and then goes idle and nothing opens. It also will cause windows (including Internet Explorer) to stop responding if I carry on using the laptop.

At this point if I go to shut down, I receive the following process unable to end:

TMEEJM_Wnd not responding

Once this has been "end tasked" I get the same message but for explorer.exe

I have searched the net for this "TMEEJM_Wnd" and it seems that this is associated to a file in C:\Program Files\Toshiba\TME3\TMEEJME.exe

There are also two services that run that could be related:


Ok, so here is what ive tried so far:

1. Disabling the above mentioned service.
2. Running Ad Aware
3. Ending random processes (only ending TMEEJME.exe resolves the problem).

Anyone got any ideas??!!

  spikeychris 14:49 20 May 2004

Certainly looks like a toshy problem. a Toshiba driver could be the cause as all the other related problems on the net are Toshibas. It migt be an idea to give their tech support a bell to see if it has been flagged up as an issue.

  OK Computer 14:55 20 May 2004

Thanks, tried the tech support number and they were unaware of any known problems.

Then they began to talk about system restores, and I'd prefer to go down the full re-install route rather than that!

  westdudes 15:00 20 May 2004

id give same advice as spikey chris. i have searched the net for an answer and other forums and alot of web pages say the only way to sort it would be to phone toshiba as it is one of their programs

  westdudes 15:03 20 May 2004

sorry..i typed my reply same time you did careful when doing a full reinstall...for example if you dont use their provided software and techniques it can ivalidate the warranty or garantee. (

  spikeychris 15:05 20 May 2004

If its a Tosh driver/app issue then a re-install might not fix it if you have a full XP disk. The disk will not have the correct drivers as Tosh will be third party. Do you know what Tmesbs32 does? A quick search drags up >> "Task which is part of Toshiba Mobile Extensions and found on current Toshiba laptops (2003 onward).

Recommendation :
We do not yet know what this task does, so we can only recommend that you leave it alone."

Is there any ref in add/remove progs or the startup list?

  OK Computer 15:07 20 May 2004

There isnt, I had a brief look in msconfig and couldnt see anything.

I think its either associated to the SD card holder or more likely the PCMCIA slots. Perhaps something required to dock and undock them.

I'm not to worried about the re-install. I have 3 years onsite support and have all the drivers plus a full copy of XP pro available. More of a pain than anything else.

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