TM as in Taff TM or VogTM

  driving man 21:01 16 Nov 2005

How is it possible to add TM to ones name so easily and often without going into the character map all the time. Or is this just a silly question?

  VoG II 21:05 16 Nov 2005

Why would you need to do this often? You only need to do it once when you enter your user name in your member profile.

If you did need to do it often you could create it in Word and save the document for future use.

  VoG II 21:07 16 Nov 2005

Or if you just want to put my name, for example, in a post, Just highlight it, CTRL+C to copy, then in the response box CTRL+V to paste. Voila™

  driving man 21:09 16 Nov 2005

OK Vog b u cope using it in the same answer on here eg. VoG TM says do this and Vog does it this way .OK it may not happen often but I just wondered if a macro could be used and put to a shortcut key/keys

  driving man 21:13 16 Nov 2005

driving man™ seems to work thank you however VoG i promise not to use your trademark (LOL)

  VoG II 21:14 16 Nov 2005

To be honest I'm not really fussed whether I'm addressed as VoG™, VoG, Vog, vog or whatever. I doubt whether Taff™ is either. I don't know of a macro to do it on this forum.

  driving man 21:14 16 Nov 2005

sorry keyboard needs new batteries

  driving man 21:16 16 Nov 2005

Just a quicky Taff is a personal friend and if needed I can contact him at any time (in fact it's my fault he comes on here)

  Taff™ 06:39 17 Nov 2005

Morning VoG™ ! Morning driving man™ !

If you open Word and Insert a symbol you will see at the bottom of the box the shortcut key. If you highlight your chosen symbol it will tell you what that is. For example ™ has the shortcut Alt+0153 - Hold the Alt key and on the numerical keypad (Important!) and type the number. Having selected the symbol you can press the shortcut key and it allows you to change the keystrokes (I think but I haven`t tried it) You will also notice that CTRL+Alt+T inserts the same symbol but this only works in word - not on the forum.

Alt+0169 Alt+0169 Alt+0169 whoops - © © ©

  Stuartli 08:46 17 Nov 2005

Is this what you require?

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