t&l capeable video card....pardon?

  b_cos_1_can 11:52 15 Mar 2007

t&l capeable video card?
right so im not too good with computers.
my daughter has asked for sims2 for her birthday but i dont know if it will work on my pc. how do i find out if it will or wont work? how do i know if my pc is up to running it? please help as id really like to get it for her (mainly so i can have a go, lol) and im so not with it when it comes to computers!

  crosstrainer 13:13 15 Mar 2007

We need to know your computers specs..IE: make, model memory and graphics card... You can get most of this info from "device manager" control panel>device manager, click on each item to get the info and post back.

  b_cos_1_can 17:01 15 Mar 2007

i went to 'control panel' and there is no 'device manager'. i did a search for it and it came up with files in 'programe files' and they were all to do with my msn messenger. i think ive got windows xp pro but not entirely sure. and i got a couple of films ive downloaded that take up alot of room. i dont know what to do with n e of it lol.

  mosfet 17:08 15 Mar 2007

Press windows key and pause key ,select hardware then device manager.

  b_cos_1_can 17:16 15 Mar 2007

ok ive done that and ive got a list of things

  brundle 17:23 15 Mar 2007

download this click here, run it, post back the information under the`Display` heading.

  b_cos_1_can 17:51 15 Mar 2007

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 (Microsoft Corporation) [Display adapter]
LW_ LW851 [Monitor] (14.9"vis, s/n 00000002000, November 2000)

  brundle 17:57 15 Mar 2007

The game requirements say it will work if you have powerful enough system; click here

You should be able to gather the spec of your system from the Belarc Advisor information you generated earlier.

The card does support T&L (Transform & Lighting) but is pretty underpowered by modern standards.

  b_cos_1_can 18:08 15 Mar 2007

yeah looks like i got all those bits listed on the belarc page. so it should be ok. yippee. thankyou so so much, oh and keep it quiet so my little girl doesnt find out, sshhhh ;)

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