Tiscali/talktalk - email problem

  onthelimit 08:58 17 Nov 2010

A friend was with Tiscali. Since the TalkTalk takeover, she no longer gets emails through OE, although she can access them through the TT pages (which she doesn't like). There are loads of postings on the TT forums, but no definitive answer. Any ideas?

  anchor 09:44 17 Nov 2010

I have a lineone address, (which became Tiscali). I could not download either with Outlook, Outlook Express or even from the TalkTalk web mail site.

All this happened after the transfer of the Tiscali mail server to the TalkTalk one. It seems this caused chaos. Some passwords were "lost" and needed to be reset, other accounts produced errors saying mail box full. Lots of Tiscali accounts were affected.

I tried e-mailing customer support few times, but they were no help. Finally, in desperation I e-mail the TalkTalk CEO, and he got someone to sort it out. All OK now.

Your friends problem in somewhat different in that she can access the TT main site. I suggest she tries creating an new connection in OE, checking all the settings. Obviously the account is active.

  onthelimit 11:20 17 Nov 2010

Thanks anchor. I'll try that when I go over, but it may be that the password needs re-setting - I'll see how it goes.

  David4637 14:35 17 Nov 2010

I have a Tiscali email account even though they are now TalkTalk, I did not have to change ANY of the server names in OE. David

  onthelimit 14:37 17 Nov 2010

That's strange, David. She's received nothing into the OE inbox in weeks. Probably go there tomorrow and will post back.

  palinka 17:59 17 Nov 2010

Just a thought...........maybe it's all being treated as Trash or even spam in the webmail so never being downloaded to OE. This is a standard problem for some people who have btinternet addresses - but they often don't realise they have a problem (they think email is "unreliable"); and btinternet refuse to acknowledge that this situation exists.

  GaT7 18:18 17 Nov 2010

palinka is on the right track I think.

When they moved over to the new system, plenty of emails went missing, including the good & the spam. More info at click here.

I had the same problem of Tiscali emails going missing, but like David4637, I didn't have to change any settings in OE. G

  GaT7 18:19 17 Nov 2010

Sorry, anchor did mention the problems too. G

  onthelimit 20:44 17 Nov 2010

Not looking promising. I shant see her until Fri PM, so will report back after the visit. Glad I'm not with Tiscali/TT!

  onthelimit 15:02 20 Nov 2010

Checked the settings - AOK. Tried to set up an Outlook acct - same result. Have suggested she bites the bullet and calls India.

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