Tiscali's broadband offer with Dell PC

  spif 14:59 20 May 2006

When I ordered a Dell PC it came with a Tiscali CD and icons on the desktop offering the first month free when you signed up to their broadband. As I wanted to get broadband I decided to go with Tiscali to take advantage of their offer. So I clicked on the icon on my desktop and it took me to a web page with the same offer and I signed up. Then my first bill arrives and surprise surprise I've been charged for my first month of broadband. So I emailed Tiscali and they gave me a freephone number to ring which told me to ring their national rate helpline! They told me that it wasn't their problem, I'd have to contact Dell to get my refund. So I emailed Dell and several emails later was finally given a reply in coherent English that said "Unfortunately the order does not include the tiscali offer and I am not able to assist any further assistance. Kindly contact technical support by calling them directly on 0870 908 0800". According to their site though technical support is only for hardware problems!

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice about what I should do as I don't know whether this is Dell's problem or Tiscali's as neither of them seems to want to know and when I signed up it clearly stated that the first month would be free. So if that was one of the terms I signed up under, surely then I should be entitled to the first month free and Dell/Tiscali should not go back on their word. I could really do with the money that I shouldn't have had to pay for my first month of broadband and don't want to keep ringing national rate numbers because someone's overcharged me!

Any help with what I should do would be greatly appreciated!!!

  pj123 15:09 20 May 2006

Have you got a link to where your desktop icon took you? I have just been to the Tiscali site and there is no mention of "first month free"

  Stuartli 15:11 20 May 2006

Your thread title should really have been entitled "Dell PC with Tiscali broadband offer" - I thought at first that Tiscali was fighting back against TalkTalk...:-)

You are quite right, neither should go back on their word.

However, as you claim the offer is made initially by icons on the Desktop, then I would suggest that it is Dell who should be responsible.

Tiscali only got involved after you decided to take up the offer and although it is clearly its billing error (not for the first or last time judging on known form), Dell should refund the amount and then take the matter up with Tiscali on its own behalf (not that I think it would for such a small sum).

  Stuartli 15:20 20 May 2006


If you go to the second posting in this thread:

click here

you will gather than something on these lines is on offer.

  spif 15:23 20 May 2006

I deleted the icon on my desktop because the page it links to doesn't exist anymore. I also tried finding any mention of the offer on Tiscali and Dell's sites but they don't seem to be doing it anymore and have removed all traces of it! Although I do have the Tiscali CD that came with my PC (doesn't work anymore either!) that has "Dell exclusive! First month free!" written on the cover, which I did email them a picture of when they were claiming the offer never existed!
So you reckon I should try again with Dell to get the refund? Do you have any advice as to what I should say as just explaining the situation hasn't got me anywhere so far!

  anskyber 15:28 20 May 2006

Does it appear on your order and invoice? I have recently bought a Dell and every scratch and itch seems to be listed on the invoice!

  spif 15:43 20 May 2006

Managed to get CD to work now. With the code it takes you to
click here
where it says 1 month free!!! So why on earth won't either tiscali or dell listen to me?!!!

  anskyber 15:54 20 May 2006

Looks like its Tiscali problem. If you look in FAQs for billing it says payment will be made 2 months after start in arrears (ie 1 month free) this is from your link. click here

  spif 15:55 20 May 2006

It mentions a Tiscali CD on the invoice but not the offer

  spif 16:03 20 May 2006

On my tiscali bill there are 2 months worth of broadband charged, march and april, but march should have been free as this was my first month.

  anskyber 16:06 20 May 2006

I suggest you speak to Tiscali since it is their offer not Dells. (good luck with that!)

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