Tiscali Wireless Router

  gnvqsos 18:44 27 Dec 2008

I was sent a wireless router by Tiscali last year but did not install it-I had not even requested it.However my son now wants to go online using laptop and wants me to fit the router.Is this a straightforward task and must I get in touch with Tiscali to effect the change?Secondly is it necessary to buy any device for the laptop?
Thanks in anticipation.

  Technotiger 19:24 27 Dec 2008

Are you already using a Router to get on-line? If so, you should be able to set-up a home network for your son to connect wirelessly, providing his laptop is wifi enabled or has a wireless card, or even simpler a USB Wireless Dongle - all provided that you already use a Router, it does not have to be the one supplied by Tiscali.

  ambra4 19:30 27 Dec 2008

“Is this a straightforward task”

Yes and No

First of all what is the make and model No of the wireless router

“must I get in touch with Tiscali to effect the change?””


“Secondly is it necessary to buy any device for the laptop?”

Most laptop now has a build in wireless card

To check if laptop has a wireless card installed

Setting – Double click on Network Connections if there is a wireless card in the laptop it will

show up as “Wireless Network Connection”

  rawprawn 19:34 27 Dec 2008

You should have no problems, just follow the instructions that came with it.
You should connect it to the laptop by wire in the first instance and then open Internet Explorer and key in the address usually a set of numbers something like this click here
take you to the router site then follow instructions
This may help click here
If your laptop is relatively new it should be wireless enabled.Make sure it's switched on, the switch is usually at the front edge right hand side.You should not need to buy anything

  rawprawn 19:36 27 Dec 2008

Numbers like this

  Stuartli 21:01 27 Dec 2008

Why not do the obvious thing and follow the Tiscali Help Pages advice on the subject?

click here**&p_li=&p_topview=1

click here

  gnvqsos 21:03 27 Dec 2008

Thanks for comments so far.It is a Thomson ST585 model wwith reference to SSID:SpeedTouch91E02C. I hope this helps you to advise me and thanks again for your help so far

  ambra4 21:56 27 Dec 2008

Base on the manual it a basic ASDL2+ wireless modem/ router with minimum amount of setting

it look very simple to install

Download the PDF manual item 6 from the top and take a read before you do the install

click here

These are the normal setting on a ASDL Router if required

Connection Type = PPPoA

Encapsulation Method: VCMUX

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Authentication: Auto

Keep Alive: On

User Idle Timeout: 3420


QoS: On

User Name & Password that you presently use to access your ISP service

Any questions just post back and someone will post an answer

  ambra4 22:02 27 Dec 2008

SSID: “SpeedTouch91E02C” is the network name that the wireless card will see when you are

connecting the laptop

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