Tiscali USB Modem + Router

  Swebby99 08:40 29 May 2007

Apologies if this has been asked before!!!

I have just acquired a Zyxel router and was hoping to include a second PC on the home network.
ISP is Tiscali using speedtouch USB modem. I tried setting up the router without the modem but could not access internet/Tiscali, so presume I still need the modem. Grateful for any help to set this up as I cannot see how?

  FreeCell 10:34 30 May 2007

If the router is set up correctly then you don't need the old modem. Disconnect it and uninstall any speedtouch software.

The router settings for your ISP are set up when you run the Zyxel Set Up wizard. Check by typing click here. into your browser and it should bring up the control panel for the router. Check ADSL settings here. (Think this is the address but may be different for your model Which do you have?)

If you cannot connect to the router then maybe a firewall issue. Disable the firewall temporarily and try again to test.

  Swebby99 12:28 30 May 2007

Thats brilliant - all working now - thanks

next problem though. I purchased a wireless USB adapter for PC in next room in order to connect to router. However it cannot seem to find my network / identify router. Picked up everone elses though!!!!

I presume different operating systems wouldn't be the cause would it?

Again help appreciated

  FreeCell 12:43 30 May 2007

Operating systems should make no difference so not likely to be the cause of the problem.

As you say it picks up other people's networks it sounds as though the USB device is working. Just a problem of identifying you own network.

Presume the USB device is compatible with router.

There are settings in the router to disable the transmission of the SSID (network identifier). If so you will not see it from your other computer either. Have you tried entering the SSID and security encryption and code into the control software for the USB device and see if it connects?

  FreeCell 13:31 30 May 2007

Another problem seems to be caused by Internet Connection Sharing. Make sure it's turned off on both computers.

  Swebby99 16:15 30 May 2007

many thanks for the feedback.

Have now entered the correct SSID and security re: adapter and as a result has picked up the router. happy days!!

Not picking up internet though!!!

Have been provided with a key (from router) but have no idea where this goes - 20 numbers / letters) which does not seen compatible with any of the encryption slots etc.

Getting there very slowly.

Thanks again

  FreeCell 16:36 30 May 2007

Checked the firewall isn't stopping you accessing internet from this PC?

If you type in after http:// the following numbers does it access the router control panel? (Sorry in earlier post mistyped a missing full stop in this address)

If so pc network connections and wireless security settings are okay so need to look into other solution for internet access.

Who/ How provided 20 digit router key?

  Swebby99 16:57 30 May 2007

presume talking about the pc with usb adapter rather than router.

Tried http:// etc but does nothing. just isnt connecting

May seem like a silly question but presume I need to have the same internet set up as main Pc. ie connection to tiscali broadband etc. I have been trying to set this up but P/C not playing ball.

There is something very silly that I am not doing but bugging me!!


  Swebby99 16:59 30 May 2007

Forgot to mention when I set up the router - provided with SSID plus security plus 20digit key.

Presumed this was linked to some encryption!

  FreeCell 17:40 30 May 2007

If your router is set up with Tiscali IP address and password then there is nothing else to do on PC to set up for internet connection - it's all in the router.

All you should need to do is get a PC to connect to the router and then internet access is available (firewall etc permitting)

Maybe my guess at IP address for your router is wrong. What model is it? I'll see if I can find a user manual on line.

  Swebby99 18:53 30 May 2007

Zyxel p-660HW-D1

As i say the main P/C is all linked up via Ethernet cable (eventually)and working OK (in fact better than OK!)

Thanks Again

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