Tiscali Trash!

  dumb_haddik 20:15 19 Oct 2007

i am paying £14.99/month for Tiscali's unlimited 2.2mbps service.

Until recently, the XP ballon tip when i connected read "2.2mbps" but it has recently been displaying "1.1"

I have tested the speed using speedtest.net on the London server, and got these results:

986kbps Downloads
244kpbs Upload

What should i do?

Any Ideas?


  Technotiger 20:29 19 Oct 2007

Test it again during the day and at various times. There is always some variation in speeds, don't just judge it on one test.

  Clapton is God 20:41 19 Oct 2007

"Until recently, the XP ballon tip when i connected read "2.2mbps" but it has recently been displaying "1.1""

Which indicates that the potential line speed has dropped from 2.2 to 1.1 - and that is probably a BT/exchange issue rather than a Tiscali issue.

Have you checked with BT?

  jh1885 21:21 19 Oct 2007

i had many probs myself with tiscali and speeds.Clapton is right,talk to BT and get them to test the line,the local exchange(distance from,copper wires etc..)and get them to report back. Also make sure you are using the master socket for your adsl line and if you are using their usb modem change it for adsl router with modem inside it. My speeds on 8mb unlimited went up from 3mbps to nearly 7 mbps. This is before 6pm however.
Hope this helps.

  Dipso 22:27 19 Oct 2007

You need to contact Tiscali in the first instance. BT will not help as they only provide your telephone service not broadband. Tiscali would have to request any line checks to be done on your behalf.

You are clearly on 1 Meg fixed according to your connection balloon so it does seem like you have been downgraded to 1 Meg without your knowledge, plus the speed test confirms this.

Moving to the master socket will not improve your speeds, only Tiscali can resolve this.

  Stuartli 00:04 20 Oct 2007

The "2.2MB" service listed on your system is merely the maximum potential speed that your line can deliver - a 2MB service will be close ro that speed, but never greater than about 1.9MB.

  Clapton is God 06:42 20 Oct 2007

Read my post of 19/10 at 20:41.

As I said and, as Stuartli says, the XP balloon is nothing to do with the BB speed you are actually achieving - it merely indicates the maximum speed available on the line.

If that indicator has suddenly dropped from 2.2 to 1.1 it indicates a line/exchange problem.

The line/exchange are BT's responsibility and, thus, dumb_haddik should be speaking to BT.

  johnnyrocker 09:08 20 Oct 2007

slight correction to your statement, in the event of any i/net issues bt's customer is tiscali and bt will only allow work instructions from their customer ( tiscali ) and not joe public


  Dipso 09:37 20 Oct 2007

You try ringing BT about a Tiscali broadband fault and see how far you get...

  Clapton is God 13:50 20 Oct 2007

I repeat - Read my post of 19/10 at 20:41.

We're talking about a potential line fault not necessarily a Tiscali problem.

The line is BT's responsibility.

dumb_haddik needs to check that the line is OK before ranting at his/her ISP

  johnnyrocker 13:58 20 Oct 2007

via isp.


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