Tiscali, slow browzing.

  tamc98 21:55 13 Nov 2005

I've been taking a look at various posts about poor download speeds with tiscali. I am also on tiscali 1meg service and while I have no problems with my download speeds I am having big problems with browzing.
I have run a speed test on my connnection using adslguide and found that the download/upload speeds change massively from one minute to the next, although I don't have any real problems downloading files.
My problem is with general browzing. It's almost like going back to 28k dial-up. It takes ages (28sec for pca home page) to open a web page and often it's timing out.
I'm convinced it's not my setup as on the odd occasion it picks back up and runs an it should.
Is this something I should get onto Tiscali about or have I over looked something.

System: Athlon XP1800, 1gb ram, WinXP Pro Sp2 and tiscali 1meg service on Sagem [email protected] modem.

TIA, Tony.

Ps. Sorry for the long post.

  Stuartli 23:06 13 Nov 2005

Join the many other unhappy subscribers....:-(

  rhys 23:24 13 Nov 2005

Glad i'm not the only one, been like it for the last couple of days.

  Dan the Doctus 23:25 13 Nov 2005

Tiscali recommend Firefox for this type of problem click here but I appreciate it is only a kludge fix, and may not make any difference. If you phone them they can monitor your connection for 24 hours and get back to you, but you'll have to keep your computer connected for that time (ie, not switched off).

  tamc98 00:06 14 Nov 2005

Dan the Doctus,

I'm running Firefox 1.0.7 and it's the same on IE6.
I might give Tiscali a call tomorrow but in the mean time can any one recommend another BB isp that cost around the same but is reliable.
I would happily go back to a 512 service if it meant reliability.

  Bike-it 00:44 14 Nov 2005

I too am having problems with slow speeds, i am paying for the 1meg service and i have done three speed checks at different times of the day and the speeds are 321.5kpbs,265.7kbps and 254.7kbps, i am having this problem from last Wednesday. i ran a spyware scan and an av scan but it makes no difference.
Hopefully tamc98 will get some news from Ticsali when he rings tomorrow.

  Stuartli 12:06 14 Nov 2005

I also run Firefox.

The problems with Tiscali all appear to have started on October 31 when it undertook what it described as "Service Enhancements".

See many other threads on the same subject by keying in Tiscali into the search box.

  Stuartli 15:01 14 Nov 2005


click here

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 15:56 14 Nov 2005

I to have this problem had my network rebiult twice now phoned tiscali today as my speed decreased agian down to 152.0kbps on a 1mb service, very nice service on phone he rebuilt my network agian there and then its amazing how fast things can be done I am now getting a healthy 1025.30kbps huray I don`t know for how long tho letts hope it stays like that.

  tamc98 19:44 14 Nov 2005

OK. Phoned tiscali support and ran through some checks with tech guy. I've been told to check my connection speed over the next few hours and call back if there's still a problem. There is and I will.

Using the speed check on tiscalis site every thing looks fine at 970kbps but it took ages to get there. The web pages just kept timing out.

I'll give Tiscali a call back later and report back.

  Daylight Robbery 21:30 14 Nov 2005

I am also a tiscali customer and have been for over 2 years.
Where do i start with this? Oh yeah i am having problems with speed when browsing and playing games online. These speed problems only really start around 5-6pm (gmt) and end at 11-12pm.

So i got in touch with tiscali around 3 months ago with this problem (thats when it started)
and they told me that it was a firewall problem and went through some (as quoted above) checks.

These checks consisted of starting up in safe mode,deleting files and cookies,speed checks and restarts not much more i may add.

I was also told to take a note of speeds and send them to tiscali (what is it i am paying them for?)

Anyway after these things had failed to improve my speeds it was blamed on the firewall issue again and i was told the problem was coming from my end.

Now i can also add that the phone service they provide is really helpfull. (sarcasm)

They do there uttermost to keep you on the phone as long as possible and i personally have been over this routine 12 times each phone call lasting about 30 mins (average) and still no improvements.

Tiscali have been given 4-5 days to fix the problem or i have imformed them i will be finding a more reliable isp.

I must add that i also have the exact same problem for the months sept,oct,nov,dec last year.


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