Tiscali- Problems with email

  spuds 09:07 26 Oct 2009

It would appear that I cannot send or receive emails via Tiscali webmail or Outlook Express 6. Never had any previous problems until late last week.

Initially I was able to send emails, and receive back in my webmail account box. Then I began having problems of not being able to send via Tiscali 'Compose' and 'Send'. I was able to receive emails. Contacting Tiscali technical support, I received a response that they could find no problem "after making checks", and provided knowledge database links, none of which was anything to do with the problems I was experiencing.

Saturday I sent another request for help, including giving answers to questions that they had needed information about. This email was sent via Outlook Express 6. So far so good!.

Sunday I opened my Tiscali webmail box and found only 13 emails, over 900 emails had been deleted (well under my limit). Trying to send any emails, results in error messages ' Your server unexpectedly terminated your connection'- 'Your SMTP server as not responded'- ' A time-out'.

Today (Monday) the webmail box is showing zero emails. Trying to send is obviously showing server connect problems. I have no email facilities at all now.

Before I contact Tiscali, which in all possibilty will be a call centre on the Asian continent, asking the usual "Are you using filters etc". I was hoping that I can get a more favourable respomse from the forum.

Apologies for the long posting, but I wanted to try and make things clear!.

Using Microsoft XP Home and Microsoft Outlook Express 6.

  sunnystaines 09:09 26 Oct 2009

maybe industrial action at tiscali, not sure if it will affect users.the managers at tiscali upset over future job losses and conditions set by talktalk.

glad i moved away a few weeks ago.

  spuds 09:15 26 Oct 2009

Thanks for the quick response. I hope what you say is not correct, because I am getting extremely annoyed, after trying to resolve the issue over the past few days. Only now (seemingly) having a phantom deleter in the midst, and no outside email contact, which is going to make things very dificult for me (today at least!).

Don't fancy raising the roof on a premium line number just yet :O((

  Newuser38 10:13 26 Oct 2009

I have had no problems so far. I mainly use OE6 and just did a test run send and receive with no problems. Not sure why but I wonder if a clean out with CCleaner or similar might help.
Or have you got some new nasty?

  shellship 10:17 26 Oct 2009

I use lineone.net which was bought by Tiscali years ago and my wife is with Tiscali as well. I use Outlook and she uses OE and have no problems but our BB provider is Entanet which might make a difference.

  spuds 10:51 26 Oct 2009

My connection is with Tiscali via a Lineone.net account. I use all the protection and optimizer on a regular basis, so I am convinced that its not my side, especially as the Tiscali webmail box was cleared out, not once, but twice by a 'phantom' deleter, after I sent their technical people the request for help or advice.

As I mentioned earlier, it appears to be a server issue between my connection and Tiscali. I was considering that it may well be a local issue at the exchange, but I think that can be ruled as service reports indicate 'Normal'.

Thanks guys for the responses so far. I think this may end with a premium line phone call, which I am not looking at all with relish.

  sunnystaines 11:21 26 Oct 2009

not much online about it
all i could google was click here

perhaps someone is throwing the spanner at tiscali.

  rdave13 11:30 26 Oct 2009

Before you use the expensive 'phone line try setting up a Googlemail account and see if you can contact Tiscali support via that webmail.

  Clapton is God 12:16 26 Oct 2009

No problems here with Tiscali webmail.

Just sent myself an e-mail from the office to my Tiscali address.

Received at Tiscali about 2 seconds later!

And about a dozen others sitting in there sent at various time throughout this morning by friends

  Muergo 14:23 26 Oct 2009

My friend in Cornwall is having trouble with Pipex after changing from Tiscali, won't be long before Carphone Warehouse makes everything TalkTalk so amalgamating Pipex, Onetel, Tiscali and a chunk of AOL all together. Can only make sense as they are all together now.

All my 08..calls to technical and Customer service at TalkTalk are free.but you get faster results by e-mail unless you like listening to music?? for half an hour while you hang on.

  anchor 15:05 26 Oct 2009

No problems here; I have a lineone address, (was Tiscali, now TalkTalk.

My ISP is Pipex, which changed to Tiscali; TalkTalk now. I use Outlook 2003.

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