tiscali permanently engaged?

  palinka 16:23 28 Mar 2004

I've just finished reinstalling a Tiscali PAYG connection for a friend but cannot get on line - it dials up Ok but there's an engaged signal all the time. What's more, while I'm still hearing the engaged tone I can hear something that, if I were making an ordinary phone call, would be the sound of the phone being hung up.
I've checked the Status info on Tiscali's web site and they say all is OK for dial-ups.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:05 28 Mar 2004

Dial the number with your home phone and see if you get an engaged tone.

If you are getting cut off, then it may be because of an incorrect username /password, or because you are using the wronng access number or even because you don't have caller id enabled.

  palinka 17:49 28 Mar 2004

Dialling on my home phone produced an auto voice response "your request cannot be accepted, please check your user guide"; and dialling it on a mobile produces high pitched whistle.
Where will I find caller ID?
I'm using the same phone line as for this connection to the internet.

  palinka 18:05 28 Mar 2004

Ah yes, of course "caller ID"; it IS enabled on my phone line.

  Eric10 18:05 28 Mar 2004

I've just connected to to Tiscali Dialup (Pay as you go) with no problems. Check the Dialup number you are using as they use different numbers for different types of account. The number for Pay as you Go is 0845 6614681.

  Eric10 18:16 28 Mar 2004

I don't think that Caller ID in itself is a problem as I have it on my line and don't have a problem. If your phone number is blocked from being displayed on other peoples phones then this also causes problems but my understanding of this is that the problems are with sending email, not with connecting to their site. Call waiting can be a problem though.

  palinka 18:41 28 Mar 2004

thanks Eric10. The number that was set automatically for dial-up was 147008456614681- it looks as though that may be the problem! (I'm with Freeserve, so I had nothing to go on to judge whether the tiscali number was correct).
I'll try the number you suggest.
But mewanwhile I've been trying to install a pay as you go Freeserve on the same pc as an alternative - and I get exactly the same problem with that, too (ie engaged; sound of disconnection; etc).
Any more ideas anyone?
I'll try the number Eric10 quoted while I wait.

  palinka 18:52 28 Mar 2004

Just tried the number Eric10 gave and that gives the engaged sound too. And I realise that if I listen very carefully I can hear what sounds like someone speaking, very faint & impossible to distinguish any words.
As a further check I've just used the same tel cable in same socket on my own laptop & dialled my own isp without any problem.

  palinka 19:00 28 Mar 2004

Another thought - this reinstallatin was result of the pc being sent for check by retailer. No problems found but it was returned with all sorts of things missing/uninstalled (eg Tiscali connection; Word; etc; who knows what else). could it be that the modem has been messed around?
There were various files in a "backup data" folder on the desktop when it was returned. Diodorus Siculus gave me advice on this earlier today and i've stored all that stuff on a disk - is it likely that something I've stored would cure the problem?

  GaT7 19:16 28 Mar 2004

Will any of these t'shooting tips help - click here ?

  palinka 19:30 28 Mar 2004

Thanks Crossbow7. Ihave to go out now but I'll try some of those later.

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