Tiscali not accepting bank details

  pj123 21:28 27 Jun 2006

Trying to set up my neighbour across the road with Tiscali BB.

Get as far as entering the bank sort code and account number but when clicking continue get an error message:

Sort Code or Account number incorrect.

Of course it is correct. It is what is printed on the Debit Card and the Cheque Book.

Any help please?

  VoG II 21:43 27 Jun 2006

Just a guess but try entering the sort code with or without the - and see what happens.

  rodriguez 21:47 27 Jun 2006

Ummmm post your bank details here so we can have a go.....no don't that was just a joke :-D. But it could be the way the details are typed with the - sign or it could just be an error on Tiscali's servers.

  terryf 21:48 27 Jun 2006

Agree with VoG™ , sometimes the systems expect a 6 digit code and the - confuses their tiny brains (or rather the idjit who 'designed' the web-site.

  terryf 21:49 27 Jun 2006

PS try eclipse, they allow i month at a time contracts

  pj123 21:55 27 Jun 2006

The sort code has three boxes. You enter the first 2 digits and it automatically goes to the next box. Type the next 2 digits and it goes to the next box and type in the last 2 digits.

There is no need to type in the hyphen.

Just tried it again a few minutes ago and now get an error message saying the Account number is too long??? What do they mean? Too long.

How do they know how long an account number should be?

  terryf 21:57 27 Jun 2006

Go to eclipse :-)

  Dazza40 21:57 27 Jun 2006

how many digits are you entering for the account number?

  ade.h 21:58 27 Jun 2006

8 digits, normally. I had a 7 digit account number a few years ago and it was normal to have add a 0 in front of it whenever entering it into a form.

  Dazza40 22:01 27 Jun 2006

ade.h is right, there should be 8 digits. How many digits are being entered though?

  pj123 22:08 27 Jun 2006

Yes, 8 digits are being entered. Just checked my own bank account number which I have had for at least 30 years. When I started it had 5 digits but now I have to enter 000 in front to make it up to 8 digits.

Seems like Tiscali is not the way to go. Will try someone else.

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