Tiscali nightmare

  handful 08:22 14 Sep 2006

I moved house exactly a week ago and have used Tiscali and previously Lineone for around 10 years. I am on the verge of changing due to the farcical situation I find myself in. I informed them via their 'moving home' link on the 29th August that I was moving as it stated it could take up to 10 days to move the connection. I have had numerous phone calls with the call centre in India (I think) and the line is so bad I can barely hear the 'advisor' and what I can hear is totally contradictory and is obviusly just standard answers that don't apply to my situation. I have tried emailing them and usually receive the advice that I should speak to the technical department. I have been promised phone calls from the networking engineer on 3 occasions now and on each occasion the '24-48 hours passed with no contact whatsoever. Could someone give me some advice as to what I should do, if I change will I need to get a MAC no? (Bearing in mind I have no connection now) Can I get an alternative to the Tiscali 2mb + free phone calls for £19.99 with better service? I have had to revert to dial-up for now out of desperation and at least have learnt I can't go back to that long term! Any advice much appreciated.

  terryf 08:41 14 Sep 2006

Go to Eclipse click here, they gave me no trouble

  freddiebear83 12:48 15 Sep 2006

handful - I can totally sympathise with your situation. I too have recently moved house and informed tiscali through their 'moving home' link on the 22nd August. I received acknowledgement of my request the following day. By the 5th September I had not heard anymore so decided to call the tiscali call centre (I too think it is in India!) only to be informed by someone whose English was as bad as the line that they never received my request and it was probably down to server problems (funny how did they manage to acknowledge something they never received?!?!?!). So, my request was re-submitted, only to be told that it could take up to 20 working days. At this stage I was extremely agrieved and after five minutes of ranting and raving at the advisor I was told that someone would contact me in the next couple of days with a more definitive date....

Come the 11th September I was still waiting for this contact so I was back on the phone to India to be told that my request was being processed and if I would like to call back in 48 hours again they would have a more definitive date. Again feeling agrieved I told the advisor that I would not be calling back on their premium rate number and foolishly agreed to the advisor calling me back within 48 hours....

72 hours later, surprisingly still no contact from my friends in India so back on the phone again. After being on hold for what seemed like half an hour I finally spoke to another advisor who informed me that there had been problems on the BT side but I should be up and running by Monday (18th), if not Tuesday (19th). I asked how would I know if I was up and running only to be told that I would need to keep trying my connection!

And to continue the saga, my wife received a call from the tiscali customer care(?) service yesterday dinner asking if we were happy with their service!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moral of the story seems to be avoid tiscali at all costs. Their actual products seem to be second to none but they basically are an administrative nightmare and have no consideration for their customers. I am dreading my next phone bill considering the amount of time I have spent on the phone and also on hold trying to speak to the wasters!

  handful 20:08 15 Sep 2006

Thanks for the reply freddiebear83, made me feel much better! My problem is I really like Tiscali's £19.99 uncapped 2mb BB and unlimited calls and don't want to change as I can't find anything to compare for the cost. I decided to go down a new route today and spoke to Tiscali's sales line was told there was no order showing against my phone number! It was answered almost instantly by someone who could speak English without having to read a prompt and the line was crystal clear! Using some kind of strange logic I asked if I would be able to order again as a new customer and was told by the extremely efficient assistant that I could and that I would be up and running in 7-10 days. So there you have it, signed up like a sucker after threqatening to stick their broadband up their a$*#. I will probably live to regret it but I have had a lot of years of trouble free service. I will tick as resolved, with fingers firmly crossed. Thanks again for the responses.

  bluto1 21:09 15 Sep 2006

I`ve got exactly the same contract with Tiscali as you have and I want out the minute the contract period is over. I think I`ll take up Sky`s offer of £5 a month for phone calls and maybe Eclipse`s £9.99 for I`net. Until Tiscali improve their Customer Relations and have qualified people at the end of their phones they are going to lose customers. Of course ,if you shout loud and hard at them you might be heard and have some action. This evening I downloaded Mozilla Firefox at the absurd rate of 30 KB/s. My contract ends in January and there`ll be no going back.
That was a big whinge!!!!

  STREETWORK 21:34 15 Sep 2006

All above is reminisant of my own experiences with a friend of mine whilst rying to get tiscali to sort out his 'house move'.

They blamed BT, so I called BT. Bt says its TISCALI...

The result was that wrote to TISCALI on behalf of my friend with a firm, fair, polite letter giving them 5 working days to respond.

No response was recieved with that. so I sent another letter which basically said see you in the small claims court for a service paid for but not recieved...

Ahhhhh....response at last by telephone (India) (bad line) (poor english) but brave...very brave.

Guess what? As I was trying to communicate by spelling words slowly, the Indian lady said that her connection was not working and could I call back. But they called me?????????

They were then eventually given notice of cancelling a contract which they had not fulfilled by providing the service and taking the money.

My friend is now with BT Total thingy and happy and we have not heard a sausage from TISCALI.

And now my car insurance company is to move its main operation to.......INDIA. I have now made it a point, and I hope you all do, If a British registered company sacks people and moves its customer care operation to INDIA or another country then I move to another provider...

  Totally-braindead 21:35 15 Sep 2006

I'm with Tiscali and also find their customer service to be absolutely awful. Having said that my connection is good and when I moved house about 6 weeks ago my BB connection was moved by Tiscali in about a week. Maybe I was just lucky though.

  STREETWORK 00:06 16 Sep 2006

Yeah TB, very lucky they did not have to send someone from India to move it....

  ened 07:08 16 Sep 2006

"Their actual products seem to be second to none "

Lucky you - at times I am only recording 0.1Mb on a connection capable of 2.2meg.

i have tried most things but refuse to dial their premium rate number because there is no fault at my end.

I tried writing to "Customer Services" - that has gone unanswered, yet if I don't contact them within 72 hours they have the cheek to write and say they have marked the problem as solved.

Like many others, as soon as my year's contract is up I am getting a mac code and moving on.

  STREETWORK 07:23 16 Sep 2006

Why wait a year? If the service is not up to scratch, including customer care move now and when they write to you, ignore them...as they did us!

  Stuartli 11:24 16 Sep 2006

As STREETWORK asks, why wait a year?

The contract you have with Tiscali is two way - if it doesn't meet its obligations it has broken the terms of the contract.

If you contact the number to obtain a MAC code and explain the reason for wishing to leave, then you should be sent a MAC by e-mail within the next half-hour.

I did it three times from last November to April (the first two occasions I didn't use the MAC) and, each time, the MAC arrived very quickly; in fact it was usually duplicated to ensure I received it.

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