Tiscali - modem problem?

  Kegsy 20:42 25 Jan 2004

I've just signed up for Tiscali BB, but not got connected yet. Have been on the help line, but it takes ages to get through, have done all the checks, it seems the modem is suspect. Has anyone else had problems with the Speedtouch 330 modem?

  TBH1 23:27 25 Jan 2004

it appears Sunday ain't a good time mate - - -try tomorrow.

  GrahamP 23:32 25 Jan 2004

The Tiscali helpline is often less than helpful.
The web help is better. click here

What specific problem (error message?) are you having?

  smegs 23:40 25 Jan 2004

"but not got connected yet", If this is true, U will not be able to use BB yet. Wait until U get confirmation.

  Kegsy 10:07 26 Jan 2004

Got confirmation, got the gear including modem, checked everything out, got error 0680, no dial tone. Have spoken to Tiscali again, they are going to send another modem, I think! (phone lines to India are not very clear)

  smegs 11:37 26 Jan 2004

Have U sent Alcatel an email, to C what they say about it?? click here

  bruno 14:32 26 Jan 2004

I have the same modem as you.Only had it a couple of months so do not know a lot about it,but I had problems for a week which finally cleared Saturday evening.When it is working correctly you should have two green lights on the front/top.When mine was playing up the right light blinked and changed from green/red/amber.To get a connection it must have two greens and no blinking.It takes a few seconds to reset after a failed connection.Incidentally,my fault was not the modem but a "fault" with BT.They would not accept my complaint at BT when I finally got past the robots,said I should go through my provider,which I had already done three days before.Best of luck with Tiscali.I came off them due to their lack of interest when they charged me £64 I did not owe.Took 4 months to get my money back.Now with Metronetwho answer their phone immediately and you speak to British people.

  Kegsy 20:41 29 Jan 2004

now in e-mail contact with Tiscccali re the problem. I'll let you know the outcome

  Kegsy 12:26 05 Feb 2004

well they've made allsorts of suggestions, all covering the same ground with no results so I've cancelled my subscription, might try NTL

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