Tiscali Free Line Rental?

  handful 12:42 15 Feb 2007

Has anyone heard anything about the free line rental that Tiscali were supposed to be introducing in early 2007? Mentioned in this thread before Christmas.
click here

  dnjl 11:56 18 Feb 2007


Not a thing. As a Tiscali broadbander, we get free week-end calls but that's all the freebies I've heard about.

  Stuartli 12:18 18 Feb 2007

You have to have a BT line to use Tiscali's phone services and line rental is paid to BT by you.

In the case of TalkTalk, the situation is the same except that you pay line rental to TT which, in turn, pays BT (it almost certainly gets a small cut of the £11 to make it worthwhile).

  chartwise 12:35 18 Feb 2007

No. I haven't heard anything either.

I'm still trying to get Tiscali Max - the 8MB broadband but it seems my telephone line is not capable of more than 2.2MB.

It's not that I live out in the sticks, I'm only 8 miles from Manchester and 1 mile from my telephone exchange. It's time BT got their act together and upgraded this service instead of putting all their funds into their Mobile service.

  handful 13:08 19 Feb 2007

Thanks guys...Stuartli, the thread I linked was suggesting (rotormota) that that they are introducing 'free line rental' or in other words paying Tiscali direct in a similar way Talk Talk do. I am already using the Talk Unlimited package and pay BT seperately so presumably if this does go ahead I will either no longer have to pay BT and will continue paying the same to Tiscal or if I continue to pay BT, Tiscali would reduce their price accordingly? Either way, it all seems to have gone rather quiet on this for now.

  Jackcoms 13:24 19 Feb 2007

You are correct.

I have an undated letter in front of me which I received from Tiscali in, I seem to recall, November of last year.

Essentially it says that "in early 2007" for the same price that I'm paying now (£19.99 for 2Mb unlimited BB and free phone calls) I'll be upgraded to 8Mb plus free phone calls and Tiscali will pay my line rental (I currently pay £33 a quarter to BT for line rental.

Since I got the letter from Tiscali, I've heard absolutely nothing more!

  cycoze 15:28 19 Feb 2007

Tiscali TV is supposed to launch on 1 March 2007, either then or after you might be offered the "Triple Play" package, For £19.99 the customer will get 2Mb broadband, the TV pack, line rental and free weekend telephone calls.

Press Release from Tiscali click here

  handful 17:20 19 Feb 2007

thanks Jackcoms, I never had the letter myself, just remember the thread. I wonder whether it will only be given to people who have as cycoze's link suggests can get access to the tv package...this appears to be rolling out from South East first and then Midlands followed by the North. No doubt we in the South west will get the option from around 2009! Thanks for the responses.

  Stuartli 17:21 19 Feb 2007

If I remember correctly, Tiscali bought out HomeChoice.....

  LinH 22:07 19 Feb 2007

Hi Handful,

Yes, I can give you some information regarding the Tiscali line rental offer. The other evening I had a rather pushy salesman telephone trying to persuade me to accept one of the combined broadband and free telephone call packages Tiscali are offering. I had considered one of these packages before but because my call charges are low it didn’t seem worth the bother changing, the saving was only a few pounds. I pointed this out to him and then he mentioned the line rental aspect. What it amounts to is that Tiscali will take over the line rental for one pound less than BT charges, meaning you will pay the slightly reduced line rental to Tiscali, not BT. As far as I could determine, about the only advantage would be that there would be only one bill to pay instead of two, but otherwise it’s marginal at best.


  johnnyrocker 23:49 19 Feb 2007

you are quite correct and it has just recently been announced that tiscali are set to offer the homechoice offerings nationally over the tiscali network to all of it's customers


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