Tiscali error 733?

  MAJ 22:19 09 Sep 2006

Is anyone else having problems connecting to Tiscali at the moment? I have been unable to connect to their BB service for two days now. I get the error message

"TCP/IP CP reported error 733: A connection to the remote computer could not be completed."

It's obviously a problem at Tiscali's end, but I was wondering how widespread it was.

  Jimmy14 23:07 09 Sep 2006

No, I have been using the BB on and off all day and to this minute its working perfect. What service are you on e.g 1MB/2/8?.

  STREETWORK 23:08 09 Sep 2006



  MAJ 09:11 10 Sep 2006

Hi Jimmy14, I have the 1Mb connection at the moment (well I'm on my backup dialup connection at the moment). I tried to upgrade to the 2Mb connection recently but no luck with the upgrade despite Tiscali's assurances (my line is 2Mb capable). On further investigation, it seems that at least two Tiscali users in my area are having the same problem.

STREETWORK: That seems very apt at the moment although this is the first time since the Lineone days that I've had any real problem with Tiscali. :-)

  Stuartli 09:51 10 Sep 2006

Tiscali's extensive broadband help section doesn't list Error 733, so it might not be Tiscali's fault...:-)

click here

This Microsoft KB article may help:

click here

  Stuartli 10:03 10 Sep 2006

These may be more appropriate:

click here

click here (last item)

  MAJ 12:44 10 Sep 2006

Hi Stuartli, I have investigated the problem using both Tiscali's site and the MSKB and along with the answers (or lack thereof) that I could find relating to my [specific] problem, and the fact that two other Tiscali users in my area are having the same problem, I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed a problem on Tiscali's end. I did something I never do and phoned the Tiscali helpline (in India for God's sake) just to see what they had to say. Guess what.......... "our engineers are aware of the problem and are working on it, try your connection again in 4 or 5 hours"............

P.S. Stuartli, didn't you switch from Tiscali recently? I think I read that in one of your posts, how's your new connection?

  BurrWalnut 12:48 10 Sep 2006

A friend of mine has the same Tiscali problem. He has been told it's a BT fault at the West Wickham, Kent, exchange.

I'm on that exchange but with BT not Tiscali.

  Stuartli 14:02 10 Sep 2006

Yes, I did switch to TalkTalk...:-)

Consistent 1.8-1.9MB on the "up to 2MB" service (will be switched to LLU eventually); that's a good service and better than that of Tiscali.

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