Tiscali emails

  thumbscrew 23:58 01 Feb 2007

Can anyone tell me what on earth is going on with Tiscali emails? I use Outlook Express and XP and, each night they slow almost to a standstill.
As well as the non delivery, if I compose an email, when I click send it doesn't go, merely showing " contacting",sometimes "sending mail"
It then fails to go and appears in my outbox. Strangely, if I click send then,it seems to go.
I've emailed Tiscali and they keep repeatig that is a server error and their engineers were working on the problem.
Next morning it all seems back to normal.....come the night and it starts performing again.
Can anyone help?

  Totally-braindead 00:03 02 Feb 2007

I don't have this problem at all on Tiscali BB, is it the broadband or the dial up service you have?

  thumbscrew 00:05 02 Feb 2007


  Totally-braindead 00:13 02 Feb 2007

All I can say is I live in Scotland and have no problems whatsoever, perhaps we are on different servers.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:14 02 Feb 2007

No problems here. I think you need to look nearer home.


  thumbscrew 00:31 02 Feb 2007

Hello both and thanks for the replies. Now they're coming in on time. However, a few minutes ago they wouldn't send. This seems to be happening regularly...ok and then suddenly won't work. I've contacted Tiscali and they tell me there are problems with their server????

  cycoze 00:36 02 Feb 2007

click here for Tiscalis Service status page, it currently shows that Internet Connection server is down to 60% along with the POP3 server at 60% too, see the graphs at the bottom of the page.

I had a few hang ups with the mail earlier tonight too.

  thumbscrew 00:41 02 Feb 2007

Evening cycose and thanks. I'm new with Tiscali,but it seems so far to be ok one minute, then minutes later it goes berserk!! By the way they had a major Internet outage last night.....came back on earlier yesterday evening.

  spuds 00:45 02 Feb 2007

Tiscali were having problems with filtering due to large increase in spam on their servers, which resulted in some people having problems with their mailbox. Tiscali have added further hardware, and are monitoring the situation. They have also reported that no one would have lost any email, but some would have been delayed.

This evening there were further problems, I was unable to connect, then eventually made a connection, but lost the connection again for the rest of the evening.Back to normal now!.

  desi3026 08:56 02 Feb 2007

Yeas,we had a lot of trouble with Tiscali last night.Connection eventually died,but managed to phone India,or wherever they are,and they said that they are aware of probs and engineers are working on it.Seems ok at the moment.
The aggro we seem to be getting from Tiscali is getting much more frequent,especially in the evenings.I see that they are still advertising on tv for new customers,they cant seem to cope with the ones they have.Lets hope things come right soon.
Regards desi3026

  MichelleC 13:14 02 Feb 2007

I've had probs with their email for a year or so. I can't collect via Outlook or Mailwasher or Eprompter. I think it's because my account is free email and they don't devote enough servers in that area.

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