Tiscali e-mail time out

  DAGO49 08:22 25 Jan 2004

Hi all,
I live in France and my ISP is Tiscali.fr, when i send e-mail to the only 2 contacts who are with Tiscali.co.uk they bounce back after about 8 hours with the message saying that there was 'delay in distribution' I have tried sending mail to them from my 'hotmail' account with the same result, does anyone know if they have their (my contacts) account configured wrong, one is a 'newbie' PC user and the other is very new to Tisacli. I have tried sending using 'Outlook Express 6' and 'Microsoft Outlook 2000' same result. I don't have a problem with ANY othe addressees!

Best regards Dago49
ps sorry it's so long!

  Stuartli 09:59 25 Jan 2004

If the e-mails cannot be distributed/delivered immediately there would normally be attempts to do so for at least five days before they are "bounced" back to you, along with a message pointing out why.

In fact, towards the end of last year, Tiscali took up to eight or nine days to deliver some e-mails from my son, who contacts me on a daily basis.

It would seem that your contact(s)' e-mail address(s) are not correct typed but, usually, in such cases they would be bounced straight back.

  ardvarc 11:01 25 Jan 2004

Is it likely that their mail servers haven't activated their accounts. It happened to me when I changed my email address. Also with being relative newcomers to computers and Tiscali they could have wrongly set up their email accounts. Have you received any emails from them. Have you any other means of contacting them to try to find out.

I have a friend who moved to France and she had a heck of a job setting up her mail account with Tiscali.fr but eventually sorted it out.

  anchor 13:28 25 Jan 2004

This site gives details of the settings that your contacts need to use for Tiscali e-mail in Outlook Express.

click here

This is the site for Outlook

click here

I assume that they have given you their correct addresses with Tiscali.

  spuds 14:34 25 Jan 2004

Would suggest that you do not consider going to Tiscali Helpline about this problem. I had similar problems, went to Tiscali for advice, and was told that they didn't give advice on other peoples products [Outlook Express] (:o(

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