Tiscali & E-Mail or is it just me

  geewis357 22:02 27 Oct 2005

is anybody else out there having problems with sending mail, it apears that they are sent but they never arive.

  The Reiver 22:16 27 Oct 2005

Never had that problem - i just tested it by e-mailing myself and it can through straight away.However i can't send e-mails via outlook express, i can only send mail by going on to my e-mail account at click here - could that be your problem?

  geewis357 22:22 27 Oct 2005

I use both incredimail and outlook express and neither will send mail but as you I can sent mail via tiscali home page. This has been the case for the last for 2 to 3 weeks and I just wondered if any other tiscali users were experiencing the same thing.

  The Reiver 22:29 27 Oct 2005

Ever since i switched from tiscali dial up to BT Broadband a year ago, but kept my tiscali e-mail address, i was told by tiscali that the only way i could sent e-mail would be by going through their web based site. I was under the impression that this was the only way i could sent e-mail - it appears to have been different for you. What would i need to do to sent tiscali e-mail via outlook express whilst my broadband connection is with BT? Any suggestions

  geewis357 22:37 27 Oct 2005

When I went rom dial up to bb I cept my E-mail address and sent mail as normal until now. If you want to set up outlook or any other mail prog just fire it up and enter the setup or create new account stick in a user name and make a PW then you set the pop3 and smtp when requested, for tiscali its pop3.tiscali.co.uk and smtp.tiscali.co.uk and then robert is very much your mothers brother.

  Stuartli 22:50 27 Oct 2005

In Outlook Express>Tools>Accounts>highlight your Tiscali mail account>Properties>Connection tab.

In the Collect e-mails section Enable BT Broadband in Always use this Connection to collect your Tiscali e-mails.

It will be the same procedure for any other e-mail accounts you may have.

  geewis357 23:02 27 Oct 2005

High Stuartli,
I have looked in tools>accounts> properties for my conection tab but do not see the enable bt bb. the same what ever prog I use.

  Dan the Doctus 23:05 27 Oct 2005

Have you tried the Tiscali site? click here

  Skills 23:06 27 Oct 2005

Your not alone after seeing a thread about this last night I decided to send myself a message from my tiscali account using outlook express to my hotmail account. Its now almost 24hrs later and there is stil no sign of the sent mail. Even though it appeared to send just fine.

  spuds 23:24 27 Oct 2005

Collect from Tiscali and send via Incredimail, everything seems fine.

  geewis357 23:30 27 Oct 2005

actualy recieving mail I have no probs its sending it with incredimail or OE is the prob. Ist like the SMTP on port 25 only works when it wants to.

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