Tiscali dial up problem

  teddy edwards 10:30 02 Jul 2004

Can anyone help me... I have just moved to Tiscali broadband. As you are probably aware external modem is connected through USB. This disconnects itself after a couple of hours leaving me to restart my computer to re establish the USB link. What am I doing wrong? A get a green triangle when its working OK but this dissapears at the same time. Is there some sort of USB time out, that I can change? Is it because I have many applications plugged through USB and they are taking the power from the modem?
Any help greatly appreciated....
from New subscriber

  rawprawn 10:34 02 Jul 2004

Make sure that your tiscali usb connection is plugged directly into your computer and not through a hub. I don't know if you are using a hub, but I know I had a problem with mine until I tried it directly into the computr.

  spuds 11:07 02 Jul 2004

There could be a number of reasons for the disconnection problem. I posted this click here recently.

As redprawn suggested,try your USB connection.Some modems work well with a self-powered hub, and others work must better with a direct connection.

Another reason,could be a time-out, when non-activity of the internet is noticed by your system. Usually, there is a pop-up display stating that a disconnection is going to occure, and would you like this disconnection to happen.[Usually dial-up or ASDL].If this does occure on your system then the pop-up can be disabled, by ticking the box.

Which O/S are you using, if this is XP, does it have a SP1 pack included or updates regular downloaded.What is the motherboard that you have installed on your computer, and what Tiscali package are you using..3x [ADSL] or higher.

If you need help in finding your motherboard information,or any other information on your computer system use Everest [ex Aida32]click here or Belarc click here are very good and are free to use and download.

  spuds 11:35 02 Jul 2004

Noticed mistake with Belarc link, should be click here [Then] Both are very good....

  Bob The Nob© 12:31 02 Jul 2004

This happens to me, I get connected to tiscali broadband and minutes later it will just disconnect my one it's own.

it could be the phone line as they are old but all of the area around me is fine, I don't need to restart but dial up again.

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