Tiscali broadband while keeping virgin net email?

  lucozade9 21:21 21 Oct 2005

Hi im still using dial up and would like to switch to broadband now i have noticed its becoming unlimited again and is super fast for the price.

I currently have a virgin net 24/7 dial up (£14 a month) connection however would like to keep the email address but dont fancy virgin net broadband so was wondering if i switched to tiscali broadband (eith 1mb £15 or 2mb £18 per month) and downgraded the virgin net account to pay as you go dial up to keep the account open would it still let me recieve my mail from virgin net email despite tiscali connection or would this not be possible??

Thankyou very much for your help as i am no pc expert :)

  spuds 21:46 21 Oct 2005

Downgrading to a basic dial-up package with Virgin, would still allow you to keep your email address. To keep the account open, you will need to use it on a fairly reasonable basis.

Tiscali will provide another email address, which you could eventually use to transfer email contacts from the Virgin account.

  lucozade9 21:57 21 Oct 2005

Ok that sounds about right

When you say a fairly reasonable basis are we talking logging on virgin pay as you go 5mins a week or even more?

  Dipso 00:33 22 Oct 2005

Virgin used to specify how often you had to dial in to keep your email account live. I can't find the details but it was something like once (no specified connection time) every 60 days. I have an email account with them from when I had Virgin broadband in 2003. I cancelled the broadband after 6 weeks but kept the account as Pay As You Go. They used to send me a reminder email every so often to remind me to dial in to keep my email live but I haven't had a reminder in a long time and my account is still active.

  rawprawn 09:38 22 Oct 2005

You are best to bite the bullet and get a new email address from tiscali.

  Batch 10:04 22 Oct 2005


"You are best to bite the bullet and get a new email address from tiscali" Please can you explain why you think this?

As far as I am concerned, as long as the old service provider keeps the old email address live, sending (via the new service providers SMTP server) and receiving emails on the old account is a doddle.

  rawprawn 10:18 22 Oct 2005

First of all it is a nuisance having 2 ISP's and having to remember to use your dial up X number of times a month, secondly the new provider will issue a new email address which you can easily inform your contacts as a change of address. third, while you are still connected to your dialup you are still open to "Diallers" It all seems rather complicated and pointless.I switched to Tiscali BB some time ago and felt the same way as lucozade9, but in the end changed my email and I found it much better.

  lucozade9 13:33 22 Oct 2005

ok that sounds brilliant if i can keep the account open for a little while to recieve emails as i guess over time i would switch to the tiscali email for sending and recieveing just as i get lots of emails i can see people not taking notice of an email saying i have changed my account and sending the mail to the virgin account.

Thanks again for all the help it is much apreciated :)

  Batch 16:29 22 Oct 2005

I suppose if you've only got a small number of contacts to notify it's not a big deal changing to use the new email address. In my case there would be a vast number of people to notify and numerous (possibly 50+) online services that I would have to login to and change my email address.

In most cases, keeping the old one is quite painless. With wanadoo, you need to dial-up just once every 90 days and can then immediately disconnect (so "diallers" not really a prob). Of course, other ISP's maybe different (for example, tiscali don't ask you to dial-up at all!).

  Shazzy 16:36 22 Oct 2005

Hi. Personally I would not advise anyone to have Tiscali at the moment I have recently upgraded to 2MB and the speed is only between 260/600kbps.I have contacted Tiscali several times only to end up being told that the engineers are looking into it and will have to wait up to 5 days to get results hopefully, they have gone throught settings on my computer to make sure they are set right also said to uninstall my firewall and Virus programe then re-install which I have and it still has made no difference. Hopefully on Teusday I will have a result, if not I will certainly be changing my ISP.

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