Tiscali broadband specific CD needed?

  Gordal 20:09 03 Jul 2005

I 'mother' an elderly neighbour and friend and look after his PCs. Recently his PC went u/s totally (still trying to solve problem) so he ordered a new PC from Evesham.

Problem - he had a Tiscali broadband ADSL connection working fine. Now the old PC is kaput I was unable to use it to transfer settings etc. He is never sure what he has or where it is, but we eventually found the Sagem monitor driver CD, installed that, and it progressed to the option to 'join' Tiscali broadband (various options). This would have meant starting a new client setup and of course waiting for the Sagem modem, USB cable etc etc., which we already have. Using the two Tiscali CDs my friend found didn't work so I rang India (!) (Tech Support) who after some time said we were using Dial-Up CDs, and she would send a broadband Install CD - however it could be "a few days".

Has anyone any alternative suggestions please to install the necessary content into the Internet browser?

Incidentally, although the woman in India was polite, I found it hard to hear and understand her. Is there anyone in the UK one can speak to?

Any help would be much appreciated.

  Eastender 21:18 03 Jul 2005

Have you searched the Tiscali website?

click here

click here

  Gordal 22:42 03 Jul 2005

Eastender - Many thanks for helpful responses, but as I read them, they relate to installing the Sagem Fast 800 ADSL Modem. WE HAVE the CD for that - it is the Broadband Installation Disk we need.

  genuinefake 22:59 03 Jul 2005

i wouldnt have thought u would need any cd to install broadband (apart from the cd that comes with the modem). All you need is a username, password and number.

  genuinefake 23:06 03 Jul 2005

to set up a connection go to Control Panel--->Network Connections--->Create a new connection.

Click Next, next again, then 'Set up my connection manually' then 'Connect using a dial-up modem', then select the modem needed (Sagem) and click next. Then just follow the instructions entering a username, password etc.

  Gordal 19:25 04 Jul 2005


I am at a slight disadvantage as I am on Blueyonder (Cable), but my neighbour vaguely recalls getting an installation CD for Tiscali and of course he can't find that.

As said previously we found the Samem modem install CD. That doesn't install Internet Explorer or Outlook Express etc., and as Tech Support in India said we had dial-up installation disks, and she would send a broadband install disk - which suggests to me that a CD is needed.

  gabriella 19:35 04 Jul 2005


Having set up a BB connection fro a friend recently on Tiscali, you are right, an installation CD is required. Check out the Tiscali website, it's actually quite helpful and I learned more from there than I did ringing some mega expensive call centre.

Good luck!!

Gabriella x

  Gordal 20:02 04 Jul 2005


Thanks for your help. Thought I was right. I have 'explored' the Tiscali website, but the best offer I can find there is to 'join' or 'subscribe' again - which is NOT what we need - all we need is the CD.

I cling to the hope that in a couple of days the lass from India will come through with her promise. Incidentally, although some people have warned me about 0845 telephone calls to India, I have found that they really ARE charged at the 0845(local call) rate. It was the same with KCorp Tech Support, also in India, who I use for my wireless network.

Thanks again.


  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:17 04 Jul 2005

and the only disk I got was to install the sagem modem.

When you initially signed up you would have received emails with all the setup information. Just follow those again.

  Jackcoms 20:20 04 Jul 2005

I use Tiscali BB and the Sagem modem.

The ONLY CD supplied by Tiscali installs both the drivers for the modem and the necessary BB set up.

There is no question of 'joining' or 'subscribing' again if you know your existing Tiscali user name and password.

As for installing IE and OE (your post of 19:25) you'll need a MS Windows CD for that!

  01chris 20:59 04 Jul 2005

all you need to do is create a new connection. I have tiscali bb. Make a new dialup connection put the phone number as 0,38 then put in his username ([email protected]) and his password and you should be away.

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