Tiscali broadband internet AHH AHH !!

  Bike-it 14:46 21 Aug 2004

Hi all i am using xp but recently i have upgraded from Tiscali PAYG to Tiscali broadband and this is when my problems started, first i got a message saying cannot find server but if i click on the refresh or home button i can get online, sometimes when i turn the computer on the modem dose'nt seem to be there as the icon in the taskbar dose'nt sppear then i get a message the usb cable has been removed but it is still connected to the computer, then this morning as i was working off line the computer loaded ticsali broadband itself. I have checked for viruses but none were found, i ran adaware and found 26 objects and put them in quarentine, i also ran spy bot and found 24 objects they are Alexa related 1 found, DSO Exploit 21 found, Bookmark express 1 found, i don't know what to do with the objects found so they are also in quarentine. do you think any of these findings could be the problem or it it more likely to be software or hardware related

  stalion 14:55 21 Aug 2004

have you run a virus scan? the programs listed by you do not check for viruses
click here
also if you have quarantined the other items they will not now cause problems you can delete them when you know your computer is running ok

  pcwhizz 14:56 21 Aug 2004

what can i say!

u picked TISCALI!

Try a proper ISP like PIPEX Or PLUSNET

  Djohn 15:31 21 Aug 2004

That's a bit harsh. We all have our own personal preferences for ISP's but there is nothing wrong with Tiscali and many forum members are more than pleased with the service they receive from them.

First thing to do is as "stalion" suggest and run a virus scan. Try his link and also this free on-line one. click here

  Bike-it 19:07 21 Aug 2004

i have tried the above but no viruses were found. any more help please.

  flying grouse 20:21 21 Aug 2004

which usb modem have you got from Tiscali, you could try uninstalling Modem driver " the software supplied with modem " and reinstalling.

  Totally-braindead 20:44 21 Aug 2004

I'm with Tiscali 5x and it works perfectly for me, I know some Forum members have had problems but I've been with Tiscali Broadband for 6 months now without a glitch. My adsl modem Bike-it is the Sagem 800 and it installed very easily but you had to install the software first before you connected the modem and then plug the modem in when the PC told you to, if you do it any other way you may have problems, not saying this is the problem just a thought on the matter. Have you checked your network settings to ensure that your old dial up is either disabled or deleted, just wondering if the PC could be trying to use this instead of the Broadband.

  myro 20:46 21 Aug 2004

Have you used or tried any other devices in the USB port you're using for your modem? Sounds like a fault with the port itself rather than the modem.
Saying that, when I got my modem it took a few goes for it to install properly and I think I had to go the the modem manufacturers website (Tiscali normally use Sagem)to download updated files from them before re-trying the supplied disk.
Oh and don't worry about the things Ad-aware picked up - they're not related.
Incidently I've been with Tiscali for over a year and am really pleased with their service (unlike my Pipex using friends!)

  Androcles 21:18 21 Aug 2004

What are you using as your browser bike-it?
internet explorer.mozilla.opera?

  spuds 21:30 21 Aug 2004

Tiscali supply the Sagem [email protected] 800 or the Thomson SpeedTouch 330. I have both, as kindly supplied by Tiscali through previous problems.

I would suggest that you un-install your broadband set-up, then re-install as per Totally-braindead's thread. Start from fresh, and follow the install instructions to the letter.

Lineone/Tiscali have been my main isp supplier for many years, and I have been more than satisfied with the service offered and given. If I have had any problems, their question and answer page or email help as usually solved any problems.

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