tiscali broadband disconnects every so often

  pookie 14:51 08 Oct 2006


i have their 2Mb unlimited broadband. I use my own d link wireless modem router but my pc is cabled into it rather than wireless.

90% of the time it connects and stays connected with no problems. but every so often I'm on the web and if won't open the next page or any page after that. I have to turn off the pc and modem router at the mains and leave for a minute then power both back on to connect again. Even then sometimes then it doesn't connect again. Any ideas?? I'm thinking of their 8mb offer but am reluctant to committ if tiscali have a problem with maintaining connection all the time. Saying that the problem may be an issue with a setting on my pc.

All anti virus, spyware, microsoft updates etc are up to date. I use zonealram internet security suite with it's firewall. Modem router also has firewall enabled on it.

many thanks


  pookie 14:54 08 Oct 2006

it's just brought up the 'page cannot be displayed' message when I tried to go into google. Maybe it's not disconnecting but unable to read some pages??

  Technotiger 14:57 08 Oct 2006

Hi, rather than turn off both at the mains - try just disconnecting router from mains for about 10secs and then reconnect it again.


  Technotiger 14:59 08 Oct 2006

'page cannot be displayed' normally means it is disconnected.

  Stuartli 14:59 08 Oct 2006
  phil46 16:26 08 Oct 2006

Fist of all there is no such thing as unlimited with Tiscali has your package got a 50.1 connection?

  Stuartli 16:30 08 Oct 2006

Very few ISPs have an "unlimited" connection and Tiscali, in common with most similar type of ISPs, has a 50:1 contention rate.

The Fair Usage Policy is fully listed on its website.

  pookie 20:30 08 Oct 2006

many thanks.

I went through the tiscali q+a's and made some changes to my setup and so far so good.

However tiscali does say that you should plug router/modem straight into the bt line with a filter and never use an extension lead. I have a 20 foot extension lead. Do you think that that may be slowing/disconnecting my connection? the D link came with a usb wireless stick so I could plug the modem/router directly into the bt line (in another room but thin walls) and use the usb wireless stick rather than having my pc cabled into the router? what do you think?


  Jimmy14 20:37 08 Oct 2006

out of interest would you be willing to run this speed test for me and tell me your results because I am on Tiscali's 2Mb unlimited Broadband and am receving 4/5Mb downstream and 373Kb upstream. I would be grateful if you would and the link is below,
click here

  Stuartli 20:43 08 Oct 2006

My offspring has a fully wireless enabled home for his system which is housed in the loft.

It's fed by a 20m quality telephone extension lead into which a short ADSL data cable is then used to connect with his wireless modem router...:-)

In my case I take a 10m ADSL data cable direct from the BT Master Socket's filter/splitter to an ADSL modem router.

When I was with Tiscali I did note the suggestion not to use a telephone line extension but, initially, I did and had no complaints about the connection speeds.

  matthewowl 20:54 08 Oct 2006

Just run your speed test and it tells me 1657kb download and 241kb upload. I too am on Tisali 2mb - at least thats what i'm paying for. You think i should contact Tiscali?

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