Tiscali Broadband

  SABRE 11:22 23 Feb 2004

This ISP (Tiscali) offer a Broadband Connection? for £15.95/month although I would not call it true Broadband as it connects at 3 x normal speed. However, this does seem a good deal as most dial up services cost £15/month. Also, it will free up the phone line.
Am I missing something here or is it really a good deal?
Is anyone using this service who can comment?
Does it come with e-mail facility?

  de_de 11:37 23 Feb 2004

Look under 'Ticali 3x broadband - any good?' in the consumerwatch section on the 21.02.2004. I posted a thread there asking the same question.

  Ben.s 12:13 23 Feb 2004

it has 8 e-mail adds for the family.
free modem and connection
they use what u call ADSL witch u only hav one telephone line but they digitally split it u can use a Z blocker or a filter to use telephone and internet there are 3 packages u can buy
3x faster= 15.99 5x faster= 20.00 10x faster= 26.00.i heard they send u the modem in 10 days after u register in that time the send u a e-mail with dial-up software so u can use it straight away then when u hav the modem u hav a always on connection through ADSL.there are 4 wires in a telephone line.one is used for talkin into the phone the other is recieving the call the other two are exchange lines these used for connecting to the internet 1 for sending informaition the other for recieving information.i hav tesco at the moment and it is slow so any broaband would be ok for me

  Ben.s 12:15 23 Feb 2004

sorry i cant do the pound sighn there are quite a few keys that dnt work on my keyboard

  Gongoozler 12:23 23 Feb 2004

Hi SABRE, I've signed up for the 3x BB from Tiscali, and am expecting the modem etc ant time now. I chose this because I'm not too worried about the speed, but I do want to leave the telephone usable while I'm online. Fron the reports I've read, the 3x BB is faster than dial-up most of the time, but can seriously slow down at times of peak useage. Note that the small print says "UP TO 3X". Like all BB, the actual speed will depend on the contention, that is, how many users are trying to pass data along the line at the same time. I think the 3x BB is based on 50:1, that is, out of every 50 users, only 1 is transferring data at any time.

  Megatyte 12:27 23 Feb 2004

The Tiscali 150K service is only available in Tiscali enabled areas (regardless as to whether the area is BB enabled).


  struggle8 13:24 23 Feb 2004

but it is fairly good my gaming has improved 100% on a tiscali 256kbps connection and its so great now being connected 24/7

  Gongoozler 13:25 23 Feb 2004

Hi SABRE. I can now give you an update. The modem has now arrived, about 2 weeks after I placed the order. You can get an initial check on whether you can get on Tiscali BB via their website. They will then get a more thorough check carried out by BT.

Installing the modem was very simple. The only snag was the usual Windows 98se one of the installer requiring a file from the Windows 98se disk, but looking in the wrong place. The file is, as usual, in the WIN98 folder on the disk.

After installing the modem I put one of the 2 supplied filters in the socket I use for the modem, and the other in the socket for my main telephone. I'll buy some more from Ebuyer at £1.17 each inc VAT (QuickFind code: 39530).

I just checked my internet connection speed at click here, and it's 142kb/s, definitely an improvement on the 40k I had on my dial-up, and my wife can talk to her mother at the same time ;-)))

  struggle8 13:26 23 Feb 2004

oh buy the way if you cannot get tiscali bb 150 in your area with I guess the telesaes person will tell you no doubt they will offer you the 256 x5 faster connection for 19.99 free modem free setup/connection with dose actually take 14 days to set up.

  Gongoozler 13:33 23 Feb 2004

SABRE, I just spotted your supplementary question. Yes you have full email facility with up to 5 email addresses.

  SABRE 00:05 24 Feb 2004

Looks a bit 'wind and watery' i.e. some good, some bad reports. Not quite sure which way to jump. Think I'll spin a coin.

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