Tiscali Broad band

  amyjen7 12:03 27 Jan 2008

I am ready to install Broadband but should I turn off my Norton Security and after should I run the Anti Spam offered free by Tiscali with Norton. Further will my new account with Tiscali override my dial up accounts with Tiscali and Virgin

Many thanks

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  sunny staines 12:46 27 Jan 2008

i use norton but not the antispam i find it very poor.i would not bother.

  Poitier 15:56 27 Jan 2008

Norton can be turned off during the installation of the BB software but must be turned on afterwards.Forget the spam.The Tiscali BB will take precedence over dial up. You will need to change the dial up to pay as you go unless you are already on it .Do not forget to cancel any dial up direct debit at the appropriate time or Tiscali will continue to charge.

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