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  Jackcoms 17:12 29 Oct 2004

Not so much a request for help, but a moan about my ISP/BT.

My BB connection went offline at about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. After about an hour checking my PC and modem, disconnecting and re-connecting my filters, swearing, scratching my head, etc, I gave up and called the Tiscali help line. After 10 minutes making checks they informed me that Tiscali/BT were working on my local exchange and it would be back up at about 2:30. 3pm arrived and I was still offline. Another call to Tiscali. Exchange work continues: back up at 6pm. 7pm came along, no connection. Yet another call to to Tiscali - still working, back up at 10pm. 10:30 came and still nothing. Shortly after I buggered off to bed. At 6:30 this morning I was back on line.

Question - why did I not receive ANY sort of pre-warning from Tiscali or BT that I was going to be down for so long. How did it affect businesses in my area? I am talking about the 01293 exchange if any one else was similarly affected.

  Meshuga 17:33 29 Oct 2004

If a problem occurred that put your line out of action how do you suggest they communicate with you to tell you? And no matter how irate it left you, please leave bad language out of these Forums. Meshuga.

  Dorsai 18:13 29 Oct 2004

Perhaps it was not an expected outage. Could a local builder hav accidently 'dug up' part of the phone net-work. it Does happen.

How are they to tell you 'at 6pm Bob the Builder will accidently dig up the trunk line with his JCB'....

  Jackcoms 18:34 29 Oct 2004


Which bad language? The dictionary definition of "bugger off" (if that's what you're referring to) is to 'go away quickly'. A colloquialism yes, but not a vulgar colloquialism.

It was pre-planned work - although I didn't make that clear in my original post. The work was being undertaken by BT on behalf of my ISP (Tiscali) - who could have informed their customers by posting on their site, by e-mail or even by snail mail.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:18 29 Oct 2004

You will survive 18 hours offline. The human race has managed to get on with life for 30,000 years pre computers so there is a lot of experience to draw on.


  Dorsai 19:51 29 Oct 2004


Which bad language? The dictionary definition of "bugger off" (if that's what you're referring to) is to 'go away quickly'. A colloquialism yes, but not a vulgar colloquialism. "

To quote you...

Where did i make any critism of your use of any particular phrase or word?

  Meshuga 20:08 29 Oct 2004

I`ll let the FE decide whether it`s a suitable comment where youngsters have access to these forums. I don`t intend to get into a brawl with you.

  Dorsai 21:05 29 Oct 2004

I can see a storm.

I can see a tea cup.

I suspect that the former is occurring in the latter.

PC = Personal Computer.

Politically Correct left for those with nowt better to do that fuss about nothing. How will a small person be upset with 'bugger off'.

the local 'small poeple' where i am know how to tell me to 'go away' with far worse language than that. And they did not learn it here, as it is not allowed.

or just watch 'french and saunders' that is on now. If i repeated the script i here i would probably get banned. And now many 'small people' are watching it in the bed room, or can hear it from downstairs...

  Laser157 21:22 29 Oct 2004

The responses seem to have gone off-track!

I agree with Jackcoms basic point. Tiscali should have advised all their customers affected by the pre-planned work. Too many big organisations are cavalier about this sort of thing. (Network Rail for example don't tell me when they are going to keep me awake at night by doing noisy planned maintenance work on the line at the end of my garden.)

Complain to Tiscali about the lack of warning and threaten to go elsewhere. They might have to allow MAC migrations soon and they won't keep customers if they behave like this.

Probably a Consumer Watch issue rather than Helproom.

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