Tiscali 8mb max

  tulix 23:40 20 Dec 2006

Not to sure what i want here,but i am as of this thread connected at 6.6mbps,and have run a speed test.Result was 264.13kB/sec download.Now is that poor or good,as i cant seem to find out.running tiscali line test.Currently on tiscali max 8mbps.

  sean-278262 06:31 21 Dec 2006

Sounds to me like you are getting about 2mbit of your expected connection. On a line with a 50:1 ration thats pretty good. My connection in the uk gets just slightly higher at the time you posted. If lots of people are online then that will be why it is slow.

  tulix 09:30 21 Dec 2006

Thank you Sir.

  Stuartli 09:43 21 Dec 2006

Try the speed test at:

click here

(formerly ADSLguide)

  bananaz 11:08 21 Dec 2006

I left AOL & opted for Tiscali Max a little while ago & had huge connection speed problems with them. After a lengthy 2 week battle with them, they finally released me from their 12 month contract free of charge & I went straight back to AOL, who offer an excellent service & a 'true' download speed.
I found there to be hundreds of 'very' unhappy Tiscali customers, all with the same download/upload speeds as myself.
At the moment i am putting together a case file to hand in to the correct people such as watchdog & especially the Independant Ombudsmen.
Tiscali are totally unable to offer anything near 8Mb download speed due to a cap that they put into place. They call this a FUP (fair usage policy). The capping results in a 77% cap! Their online speed check confirms the download reduction.
Misinterpretation of terminology & false advertising is what Tiscali are being reported for.
They are advertising 'unlimited' broadband when infact they are capping high users & also have a 30Gb total download FUP per month.
Tiscali offer up to 8Mb max download speed, trap you into a 12 month contract & then offer you the chance to downgrade to their 2Mb connection speed for free.
I must also add that the 2Mb speed is also capped for high users, on & off peak makes no difference.
A couple of things i did learn along the way are that if Tiscali are unable to offer the speeds that you have taken a contract out for, within 28 days of the registration date, they will release you for free.
If you download at high speeds & Tiscali cap you, under their FUP, you will get an email telling you what they have done.
If you get 3 such emails in a row, they will automatically release you from the 12 month contract for free.
So there are ways to get out.
I had to do quite a lot of homework on Tiscali & hit them with a lot of evidence & the likes.
The Tiscali forums & help lines are a complete nightmare & only supply excuse after excuse, mainly blaming personal equipment & BT line faults, which do not exist.
Many other unhappy Tiscali members within the Tiscali forum did eventually follow my evidence posting & also managed to be released from Tiscali's clutches, so it was not all bad in the end.
I am now happily back with AOl & enjoying 6-8Mb download speeds.
The main thing i did learn was that the grass 'definately' is not greener on the other side!
My advice, leave Tiscali!

  Jimmy14 11:28 21 Dec 2006

I've had Tiscali 8Mb Max since August and up until the end of November it was working fine with round about 6.5Mb speeds and around 900Kb download speed from the internet. My upload speed was about 400. My speed began to get lower until it stayed at around 2.4Mb. I have phoned Tiscali numerous times and they say they keep reporting back to BT after bt carry out some line tests but its a load of rubbish. I have wrote to their chief executive about their disgraceful customer service, under trained so called techincal service agents and my poor experience.

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