AnotherOldGit 08:34 11 May 2004

Does anyone have any comments good or bad about this isp and their broadband internet package.
TIA. Eric

  Old Shep 08:36 11 May 2004

You may get better information if you post this on the consumerwatch forum.Regards

  Bagsey 08:54 11 May 2004

It is a case of Horses for Courses. If you are looking for a cheap BB conection you will find it at Tiscali but dont expect the fastest conection for their low price. If you are wanting to be downloading lots of files, music etc. then the low priced Tiscali is not for you.
Compare like for like. BTYahoo £29.00 /month 576kbps. Tiscali £15.00 / month 100kbps in otherwords BTYahoo 10 times dial up speed. Tiscali 2times dial up speed. You need to decide what you want it for and what you get for you money. This is only MY opinion and I am sure there will be lots of others.

  rawprawn 08:57 11 May 2004

I have it and I am very pleased, having said that it is the only one I have had. For comparisons click here

  Stuartli 10:01 11 May 2004

Your Tiscali BB information, like New Labour, is economical with the truth...:-)

It provides three levels: x3 for £15.99, x5 for £17.99 and x10 for £19.99, plus a free modem at all price points.

But the best bet is still Pipex at around £23 - broadband from a top notch ISP that's been serving business and home users since 1991 and with a proper support service.

  spuds 10:27 11 May 2004

I use both the Tiscali BB x10 and the ADSL x3 services. Before that the standard dial-up. Some people hate Tiscali for various reasons, one mainly on the account administration side. But I think all the ISP's have good and bad, somewhere in their systems, and people only complain about the bad, very few give compliments. Personally I have had no major problems with Tiscali [ex Lineone], and I am more than happy with the service provided.

  dave_the_red 10:46 11 May 2004

I have been with Tiscali's 10x service for 3 months and had no problems up to now. Very pleased with the speed and reliability. I obviously cant comment on there customer service as i have had no problems but that seems to be peoples major complaint with Tiscali.


  Bagsey 11:20 11 May 2004

I dont think that sarcasm or political comments have any place on a computer related forum.
If you read my posting instead of jumping down my throat you would have read that I did say that the cheap Tiscali was what it says on the tin, a low quality low price service. OK if that is what you need, but it has limitations. Secondly I did say that this was MY opinion and that others would have different opinions. Even in England today my right to have an opinion has not been taken away.
The time for political comment will come later in the year when I hope that you remember your statement .

  clash33 12:39 11 May 2004

I have only good things to say about TISCALI 3x but I found you need to be running XP to get the best results.

  Stuartli 12:45 11 May 2004

But £16 for a x3 service compared to £20 for a x10 is not a low price; by ratio it is a poor offering for the x3 service and, in contrast to some other ISPs, the £20 version is excellent value...:-)

You are, however, completely out of order in stating that the £16 version is "low quality" - knowing Tiscali its x3 standards, apart obviously from speed, will be equivalent to the £18 and £20 versions.

Tiscali's problems are not with its actual services, whether dialup or BB, which is generally of a good standard, but its overall customer service and inability to sort out problems quickly.

The "political" comment, as you term it, was made because you did not present your information accurately with regard to Tiscali; if you re-read it and then compare it to the details provided on Tiscali's ISP services pricing page, you will see how far out you were.

As for the chance to make a political statement later in the year, all I can say is: "Roll on that moment."

  TBH1 12:45 11 May 2004

I too, am on tiscali - - - the 256 one as couldn't get the 150 one. I have only been using it for maybe a month - - and compared to my modem connection, it is absolutely wonderful; on paper should be 5 times the speed but in reality, a lot quicker, my speed sometimes on modem down to 24000 !! I know people here have had problems with the 'admin' side of tiscali, but I have had no problems, all emails answered fairly quickly. Like others, I have no other BB company to compare it with but I would recommend.

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