Tips/Observations on impending Broadband

  Brumas 16:06 27 Oct 2004

After a long wait I will finally be getting Broadband and, as I like to be fully prepared, would like to know what it entails i.e. do I have to remove my current modem, will the initial set-up be within my capabilities, when I first switch on my computer and ‘go online’ will I be connected until I actually switch my machine off at the end of the day? etc. etc.

I am with BT and expect it all to start the first week in November.
I am running windows XP home on a middle of the range computer with an Intel processor. I run adaware, spybot, spywareblaster ,spywareguard and Panda Internet Security Suite.

I would be grateful for any tips, observations or good working practices and shall try to absorb the knowledge contained therein.


  Jackcoms 16:10 27 Oct 2004

One tip.

I'm on BB and make a point of disconnecting whenever I'm away from the PC. It's helps to keep the 'nasties' at bay, I think.

  the lone ranger 17:11 27 Oct 2004

I`ve been using AOL for years. Upgraded my BB to 1MB a few months ago and the only time I ever have any trouble is when I file share (of which I take the risk and consequenses). By that I mean losing connection.
Their helpline id second to none.
I use Mozilla/Firefox for browsing and try to avoid Internet Explorer as much as poss.


  the lone ranger 17:16 27 Oct 2004

P.S. No, you don`t have to remove your old modem unless you want to. It`s always nice to have it there as a stand-by tho`.
You will only be connected when you sign in until you sign out, so that`s for as long as YOU want.
Your initial set-up is easy......just follow the instructions carefully and you won`t go wrong.

  Dorsai 17:52 27 Oct 2004

IF you do leave your dial up modem in the PC, be aware that this can, in some cases conflict with a BB modem. How likely this is i can't say.

Also, it would be a good idea to unplug the phone line from it, to prevent the possibility of a premium rate dialler taking over without you noticing.

As for disconnecting when not on line. I don't see any real reason to, but then there is no reason not to either. You connection is 'always available' so you don't have to worry about not being able to get back on, like you might find with dial up. I always try and remember to disconnect, but am not worried about forgetting to either. I suppose it does prevent the possibility of being hacked when you are not about, but it's not likely to happen in the first place.

When you get your kit resist the temptation to plug it all in, and then read the instructions afterwards, when it doesn't work. I assume it will be a USB modem, and USB devices can be very fussy about the order the drivers are installed (I.E. before the device is plugged in, or after) Get it the wrong way round and it can be a real pig to get it working.

Otherwise, happy high-speed surfing

  fsbb 18:57 27 Oct 2004

Leave your dialup modem installed as a backup but unplug it from telephone socket. Otherwise if a rogue dialer finds it's way on to your PC it could dial out using your dialup connection. It won't be able to via your BB connection.

Make sure you have a firewall and antivirus. AVG & Zone Alarm are good freebies.

Assuming your BB modem is USB you will normally install modem software BEFORE you connect the modem.

  MIke 19:41 27 Oct 2004

As others have said installing broadband is a piece of cake, certainly no more difficult than setting up a printer or scanner.

Plenty of advice here click here Take a look at the beginners guide link, and connectors/wiring link from that


PS you'll never want to use dial up again !

  Dorsai 20:00 27 Oct 2004

"Assuming your BB modem is USB you will normally install modem software BEFORE you connect the modem"

Yes, hence the suggestion not to plug it all in first, and then read the instruction, when it does not work.

  Graham ® 20:23 27 Oct 2004

Please be careful which USB socket you plug the modem into. There must not be any other device in the second socket on the same hub. The modem needs all the power available.

  Dorsai 20:40 27 Oct 2004


  Brumas 23:12 28 Oct 2004

Thanks for all the practical input, I have printed it all out for future reference.


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