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  recap 09:05 15 Feb 2005

After reading Sapins post on "Just discovered this little trick", and the FE's reply, I thought I would start a thread on Tips 'n' Tricks.

The FE said "I would wager that I could catch out almost everyone who has posted here with some little Windows function"

I am no expert but I do know some little tricks that help me with computing, and I bet virtually everybody here knows something. So why don't we share are knowledge?

Here are a some to start the ball rolling:

To force a new page in Word, press Ctrl+Enter

To put lower case characters into upper case, highlight the characters press Ctrl+Shift+K

When using the Tab key you find that you have gone one step too far, to return to the previous position press Shift+Tab key.

  Magik ®© 09:56 15 Feb 2005

to copy to the clipboard press

ctrl + C

to paste

ctrl + V

  originalmiscellany 10:12 15 Feb 2005

Print Screen
takes a picture of the whole screen

Alt and Print Screen
takes only the active window (the window you're working on)

Pressing ALT and then the letter e.g In MS Word pressing ALT and F will take you to the "file" drop down menu whereas ALT and "H" will take you to the help menu.

  originalmiscellany 10:14 15 Feb 2005

click here

takes you through a series of keyboard shortcuts in Office programs

  Salinger 10:17 15 Feb 2005

For anone who missed, or can't find it - Sapins thread click here

  Eric10 11:13 15 Feb 2005

If you have a table at the top of the first page in Word then decide that you want to add text above it, you can move the table down by clicking inside a cell on the top row and then use recap's tip of CTRL+ENTER to force a new page. If you then press backspace the page break is deleted and you are left with a blank line above the table.

To get superscript while typing press CTRL and SHIFT and + altogether. Press the same keys to return to normal typing.

To get subscript press CTRL and = together. Press the same keys again to return to normal.

  gudda96 11:28 15 Feb 2005

When writing a letter using Word, to insert date

press ALT and shift at the same time and hold them down.
c/o D to get the date

Do the same only use T to get the time

  Valleys boy 11:41 15 Feb 2005

If you type in 55378008 and turn your monitor upside down you get a funny word!

  recap 13:29 15 Feb 2005

To copy text that spans a couple of pages in a multi page document.

Left click at the beginning of the text, scroll to the bottom of required text, hold the shift key down then left click again. This will highlight the required text.

  jimv7 14:02 15 Feb 2005

In word, highlight the text required, press shift and f3 once, twice then thrice to see the effects, also press control a to highlight all the text.

  jimv7 14:12 15 Feb 2005

For those with a scroll mouse, hold control down and use the scroll to increase/decrease text size.

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