tips on good tv adaptor

  nyleridedog 12:47 09 Nov 2006

Hi guys

getting a new pc soon with media center on and would like to have a go at its features.

but i need a tv card/usb adaptor. can anyone recommend one?
i live in a strong area for freeview.


  nyleridedog 12:53 09 Nov 2006

oh i forgot to mention, my pc will not be located by a terrestrial aral so i would like a digital reciver card/usb with its own ariel!


  Koochy 13:14 09 Nov 2006

Most of the cards/usb sticks require a decent ariel as the ones that come with them are usually very poor for reception. As it happens there are two other threads running at present with advice on this matter
click here
click here
Have a look at these.


  Stuartli 14:04 09 Nov 2006

The best bet is to buy a Freeview PCI TV card such as the Twinhan DVB-ter D+A (Digital+Analogue); to provide it with a good strength signal buy a £10 or so twin output aerial amplifier and the required length of quality coaxial cable.

You can then feed your normal TV from one of the aerial outputs and run the coaxial cable to the TV card's RF aerial input socket.

I take my feed off a coaxial cable run to a TV set in the room where my computer system is housed - the cable was laid under the floorboards as we were having a new damp proofing course installed at the time...:-)

The aerial amplifer is used to provide signals for the TV and my computer system's Twinhan Freeview card.

  nyleridedog 14:17 09 Nov 2006

cheers guys

stuartli, sounds like you have a good setup their but i will have no access to a coax cable

so i am thinking of ordering the Freecom DVB-T USB Digital Antenna Stick from dabs for 29 pounds

[url=click here]click here to see[/url]

whats the opinion on this guys?


  Koochy 14:53 09 Nov 2006

This is a good piece of kit but i would say 99% sure that unless you live underneath the transmitter you are going to have to buy a better Ariel of some description as my uncle has that very one and he lives in an area where the freeview coverage is superb and with the ariel supplied with the unit he can only get about 5 or 6 channels but with his roof mounted ariel i think he is getting approx 72 channels so this is something to think about.


  nyleridedog 15:31 09 Nov 2006

cheers koochy i have ordered that one from dabs, it says it has been shipped so i might even recive that tomorrow!

in re to the ariel i will think of investing in a freeview one, i think its 40 pound and fitted to the side of the house! we need an ariel in our bedroom as well anyway!



  Stuartli 15:37 09 Nov 2006

Before you dash out and order an outdoor TV aerial, it might be worth trying out the portable offering recommended in this link:

click here

If you do, however, have a new aerial make sure that it is a wideband model; there is no such thing as a "digital" or "Freeview" aerial which is marketing hype.

More than likely it will be wideband these days but best to make sure...:-)

  nyleridedog 18:39 09 Nov 2006

nice one stuartli great idea! i see the cheapest wideband arial is actually the best performer! looks like i'll be getting one of those, if the standard arial for the usb adapter does not pick much up!

thanks again


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