Tips on fitting a new aerial

  iqs 21:56 27 Sep 2008

Does any of the forum members have any experience of fitting TV aerial please.

I recently bought and tried to fit a flashy TV aerial,but when the signal strength is tested by the product below,it only shows one green light.
I have been moving the thing around most of the day.It is fitted to a 5 foot pole connected to the garage.

Some one told me it may be the wrong type of aerial,it is almost identical to this model click here

It will be used for receiving freeview.

So any advice on the type of aerial I should buy(i don't mind buying another aerial),how to fit correctly please.


click here

  spuds 22:22 27 Sep 2008

This might help a little> click here

  Forum Editor 22:48 27 Sep 2008

rather than Speakers Corner, and I'll move it across.

  birdface 22:53 27 Sep 2008

I have mine in the loft.and it works ok from there.

  citadel 23:01 27 Sep 2008

it depends on how far away from the transmitter you are and strength of the signal for what aerial to get. It is best to get the quality sky type cable with the copper shielding.

  DieSse 23:36 27 Sep 2008

Do you have the aerial oriented correctly?

In some areas you may have a vertically polarised transmitter, which means orienting it 90º from what is considered normal.

I.e. - so that the small rods along the length of the aerial are vertical.

  ICF 08:20 28 Sep 2008

Have a look at the other aerials in your area
Are they pointing the same way?
Are they of the same type?
Are they oriented the same way as yours?

  johndrew 10:03 28 Sep 2008

This may help as it gives a lot of information applicable to installing external as well as internal aerials as well as the aerials themselves click here

  birdface 10:16 28 Sep 2008

If you are in a bad signal area fitting it on a garage roof will not do any good as you may be blocked out by other buildings.Or make sure none of the outer braid is in contact with the inner cable at both ends.I have my aerial in my loft pointing in the opposite direction of those with digital aerials as it was the only direction that I could get a good picture.Once you have the proper TV To Freeview box connection it may work a lot better.But if the freeview is with the TV I don't know.

  birdface 10:18 28 Sep 2008
  €dstowe 10:18 28 Sep 2008

I don't know if this still applies but there used to be aerials for different areas (different transmission frequencies). These had an alpha designation A to D, I think.

This can be important as I found out when I moved from London to the wilds of Sussex and brought my quite expensive TV aerial with me.

There are, I believe, "universal" frequency aerials available.

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