Tiny XP Reload completed updates took for ever.

  Alan24 14:26 31 May 2014


I have just completed a reload on my old (2002) Tiny XP desktop PC using the reload disk that I purchased with the machine when new. The reload was straight forward but getting the updates from SP1 to SP3 and all the other updates have taken a very long time to complete. I was wondering how I can create a replacement 'reload disk' that will contain everything 'as at now' to use next time a reload may be necessary. I ask this as I anticipate getting SP3 and the other updates may be hard if not impossible to obtain in say 5 to 10 years. Before everyone says why don't I just replace the pc, I do already have another Win 7 machine for everyday use, however this old XP machine has both 4 and 6 pin Fire-wire ports as well as several expensive video software packages for use with my Sony Handycam DV camera. Thanks Alan.

  rdave13 14:42 31 May 2014

Your best bet is to create an image on an external drive. I use Paragon and you create a boot disc to install an image back on to the drive.

A list of some free programs here and the software gives all the help needed on how to create a recovery cd and how to image etc.

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