TINY PC computer - to buy or not to buy

  menopaws1947 17:43 12 Oct 2008

Hi there, I have just been offered a Tiny computer. It it about 9 years old, has Windows XP, DVD/CD player and old fashioned monitor, but is in great working order.

Firstly any reasons anyone knows of whether I shouldn't buy it, don't know much about Tiny products also how much would one like this be worth ??

I would really appreciate your help.

  mobileman1953 17:46 12 Oct 2008

its personal choice if it suits your needs go for it price £50 tops

  chub_tor 18:11 12 Oct 2008

Ask for the XP disk and any other disks for the installed software then you are fairly bulletproof if things go wrong. I agree that £50 is the most you should pay particularly as it has a CRT monitor.

  Stuartli 19:11 12 Oct 2008

Do you have the actual XP installation disks or are they Recovery types?

You can buy new/used recent CRT monitors for very little money these days and even a 17/19in TFT for around £80 to £100, although the Tiny's graphics might not be up to the latter.

Anyone else want a larger screen? Then Saverstore is offering this 22in TFT monitor for £104.52 in an e-mail newsletter, despite the website price:

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  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:22 12 Oct 2008

you would be doing them a favour taking it away for free regardless of condition, unless it had some serious upgrading along the way it's probably a P3 or equivalent AMD model?

  menopaws1947 19:46 12 Oct 2008

There aren't any discs with it at all,looked all over and can't see which model it is !but is AMD

  Fingees 20:21 12 Oct 2008

If there are no disks, then I would forget it.

The operating system is the only thing worth anything on a computer of that age..
To replace the operating system, would be more than it's worth.

Offer to take it of their hands for free, if they want to get rid of it

  woodchip 20:52 12 Oct 2008

I would not nothing like £50 for a 9 year old computer. Also check all the Discs come with it most of all the XP operating System Disc along with Key

  birdface 22:19 12 Oct 2008

He Must be a good salesman if you are thinking of buying it.It's no good without the XP Disc.If it has a COA sticker on the side with the Keycode on it and it is running the same XP program.£20 at the most.Tiny Computers went into liquidation a few years back.Free would be a better price.

  menopaws1947 23:05 12 Oct 2008

Well it does have the COA on the side, I gave my XP disc to friend ! Old lady died, her partner just asked if I was interested that is why I needed to know a fair price. I would need new monitor and XP disc. It works really well but am worried about it being a TINY

  birdface 23:27 12 Oct 2008

Well I have a 6year old Tiny computer.It was my first computer and it is still working fairly well.So I cannot complain.So it is coming from a reputable source and not likely to have a pirate copy of windows on it.You probably will not need the XP disc if it is running Ok at the moment, but if you have to reformat it at any time you may need to buy a new version of XP.To be honest I would be lucky to get £50 for mine and it is all working okay.But as it is in a good cause and if you are feeling generous £40 or £50 would be a good price.

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