Tiny Laptop

  Liza 00:23 11 Dec 2006

I bought this laptop from a Computer Shop way back in 2002 with a 3 year guarantee. Had problems with the laptop many times but on each each occasion Shop sent a courier to pick up repair and return. They even replaced the motherboard. After guarantee period finished not long afterwards the computer shop closed down. The laptop was okay I even took it to Canada and had no trouble. When my desktop was 'dead' recently I started using my laptop but one day it just 'hung'. There was nothing I could do but use the recovery disks provided however I was absolutely taken aback when recovery stopped in mid air and the screen splashed files were copyrighted. I have never bought an XP only used one installed on the machine so when laptop packed up I used my desktop XP to repair. After the repair Microsoft has been asking me to activate even though I gave the laptop XP key. I think they said I should not make use of an XP for another computer. I have about 14 days to activate. Will I have problems. Also how shall I get rid of that copyright thing. Please help. Thanks, Liza

  sil_ver 00:31 11 Dec 2006

Don't know about the copyright splash. but if you make to many hardware changes MS assumes you've installed XP on another machine. They may ask you to call a freephone number to verify that you're using it on a single machine when you try to activate it.

  Liza 15:20 12 Dec 2006

Hi sil_ver

Thank you for your help. I phoned Microsoft and explained the situation to them. They were as good as gold. Activation was thus no problem at all. Liza

  Dipso 16:08 12 Dec 2006

I did the same after replacing a hard drive and had no problems. Is the issue here using the right key with the wrong disc or using the right key with too many hardware changes, would be interested to know.

  Liza 13:51 14 Dec 2006

Hi Dipso

Used the right key with the wrong disk. I used the desktop XP disk in the laptop drive and gave the laptop XP key no. I don’t know how but somehow in the condition or qualification that appeared I was reminded that a XP disk for one computer cannot be used for another but there was I think the stipulation that the disk could be used to start or probably I am not sure repair another computer. When I finished repairing the laptop the activation reminder appeared at the taskbar. I got terribly confused and worried that I would most probably have to pay some hefty fine for using that disk. Before I could activate I rang ms to tell them why it all arose. The guy to whom I was transferred particularly asked if I used the desktop XP key and so when I said no he asked me to type all the numbers that appeared before the activation key no after which he said to type the laptop key no. Liza

  Dipso 14:21 14 Dec 2006

Thanks Liza :)

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