Tiny computer with WinME keeps freezing

  Giggle n' Bits 12:40 04 Feb 2003

My Tiny computer recently back after a graphics card change and new HDD since setting up freezes with no CTRL-ALT-DEL or escape etc reaction just by using reset on the case.

This I have noticed when being online for about 3 5 mins or if a screen saver kicks in.

Where do I start to try and locate this problem. Is is WinMe, overheating, Virus?, Motherboard chipset driver, Graphics card Driver, Config of machine.
AMD Duron with WinMe.

Can anyone please help.

  polmar 12:49 04 Feb 2003

Test the Ram using something like Memtest, then lookb at the power supply. If it's a little Tiny, they use 90Watt power supplies which simply cannot cope with ANY upgrading.

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:49 04 Feb 2003

It is likely to be a combination of things. Windows ME was one of the worst OS ever to come out of M$.

You could try updating the drivers for the graphics card, though one would hope that if it is a new card the drivers are the latest available.

Try leaving the PC running without a screen saver and see if that causes any problem. They can often prevent a machine coming back to life - standby mode gives a similar problem.

It may be worth visiting the the Windows update site to see if there are any updates available for your install of ME. These can sometimes make a huge difference.

  britto 19:42 04 Feb 2003

I agree with Sir Radfordin™ about updates, got ME
with system,never had a computer before and took three months to realise crashes were not part of the package.downloaded all MS + graphics updates
much more stable now.
best of luck.
ps. ctrl-alt-del is very hit + miss on this machine

  Giggle n' Bits 20:05 04 Feb 2003

Thanks to all above and I will make a start with all your above suggestions.

The part about getting the MS updates is a bit difficult as the machine freezes up before you get the chance to get the windows updates.

The PSU is a 149Watt and the computer has DVD,CDReWtr, GeForce 4 MX420 64MB, AMD Duron 600Mz, 128MB PC100 SDRAM.

Just noticed that the two memory banks on Motherboard had DIM 1 Empty and the single 128MB stick in DIMM 2.

Would this memory location cause this problem. The reason I think its been buit like this is becase DIMM 1 is cluttered with the ribbon cable interfering and leaves a bit of breathing space to get the memory in Dimm 2.

Thanks again to above names for the help to dayte!

  dippymicky 20:20 04 Feb 2003

I had the same problem and put the memory stick into dim 1 and never looked back When you come to change it fill the other dim as well you will notice a huge difference.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:14 04 Feb 2003

Do you mean because your memory was put in DIMM bank 2 and DIMM bank 1 was empty, it was causing this problem freezing problem, then you put it into DIMM 1 and the problem went away ?

So far I have uninstalled the SecondChance software and seems ok. I have now being running Scandisk for 1 hour and its not freezing (@Yet, touch plastic).

Thanks Dippymicky!

  dippymicky 21:24 05 Feb 2003

Yes that was exactly what was happening.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:28 05 Feb 2003

this seems to have cured the problem also updated Via 4in1 chippy drivers, removed SecondChance restore software and updated all needed MS updates & Patches but the fix was putting the memory in to bank 1 and not having it in bank two.

Reason I think Tiny had put the Memory into Dimm 2 and not one is the lack of space to get to the dimm slot. It hogged up with the Drives 4 ribbon cables and the AGP card gets catched on opening the Dimm gate.

So to replace the memory I had to remove the AGP card then unplug all the drives Ribbons then change the memory to dimm 1 and replace all.

The cases are as the name goes TOO TINY.

Thankyou to all above names and Dippymicky for you confirmation and Tip-Off !!!.


  Giggle n' Bits 23:33 05 Feb 2003

The damm thing has just done it again. Frooze in WinMe while foramtting a CD Re-Writable disk.

I will open a new Post but I think I am running out of ideas.

  User-312386 23:36 05 Feb 2003

i would add a little more ram to the system as 128 looks a little low


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