Tiny Computer Specification?

  plough 21:11 27 Oct 2005

Good Evening,

I only have experience of Win XP and a friend of mine, who is new to computers, has just been given a Tiny Computer with Win 98 installed and has asked my help to get it up and running. It's still boxed up at the moment and appears to be in mint condition. A quick look ascertains that it's Model TI 440 BXM and is a Pentium 2. All the necessary discs appear to be present but the Tiny manual which was supplied with the computer is missing.

Could anyone tell me what the specifications are likely to be before I connect it up and also is there anywhere I could obtain a manual.


  Stuartli 21:39 27 Oct 2005

There's virtually nothing available about this particular model.

Only thing I can find of any value is:

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 27 Oct 2005

Plug in, switch on, wait for it to boot

It should all be installed and ready to go just follow any onscreeen prompts to enter a user name and password (don't forget the password)


PS now Tiny gone bust not much chance of obtaining a manual however download and run Everest Home Edition click here

It will tell you all th equipment fitted print and keep in a safe place if you need to obtain drivers later.

  plough 21:56 27 Oct 2005

Thanks for your replies.. I have been searching on Google but couldn't find the 'Spec' for this model or anywhere to purchase a manual. I will get it up and running (hopefully) and did intend to install Everest and Belarc.


  spuds 23:52 27 Oct 2005

Just put 'Tiny TI 440 BXM' into google and it came up with a few tech sites. A couple of the sites seem to offer some reasonable advice.Perhaps worth giving it a try.

  plough 20:47 28 Oct 2005

Thanks for your suggestion. I had tried that but could not find exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks anyway.

  phil46 22:51 28 Oct 2005

Nothing todo with what you asked,just to say W98 does not support USB2 thought it might be of interest people new to computers may think they can just stick a USB2 card in not on W98.

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