Tiny 810LS1 - possible bios hard drive size limit

  georgemac © 18:52 13 Jun 2005

I have been given a friends 2nd PC, which is the one above. He is going to put this PC in his son's room, and use it to wirelessly connect to a dlink wireless router connected to his mani pc by ethernet cable. He wants it to be able to connect to the net, and store and play/transfer music to his mp3 player.

I believe it is a p3 450, with 128 mb of pc100, and a hard drive of around 17 mb, with 98se and usb1.1

I have purchased an 80 gbyte hard drive to install as a 2nd drive, but my brain must have been out of gear. I have bought an excelstor drive from ebuyer, as they have a 3 year warranty. If the motherboard bios limits the hard drive to 32 mb, is there any way to overcome this, as I don not think I will be able to find any bios updates? I should have bought a maxtor or another drive that comes with software to overcome this problem (if it exists)

I have also bought 256 mbytes of micron pc133 to fit, and the wireless connector will be a 54g wireless usb adapter.

Hopefully it will all work, my mate has asked if it is worth buying xp for it, but I have said w98 should be fine?

Any other software for overcoming the hard drive limit - I assume the maxtor software only works for maxtor drives


  georgemac © 11:17 16 Jun 2005

I have fitted the additional 256 mbytes of micron ram - £18 from Ebay - no problems here.

I updated the ms 6183 motherboard bios to version 1.7 from 1.3 - again no problems.

Connected the exelstor 80 GB drive as master and the 17 GB fujitsu as slave - did not like it could only see 1 drive and the bios limit appeared to be 65 GB.

Eventually just went with the 17 GB fujitsu as master, the 80 GB as slave and working OK.

Maxtor or any drive manufacturers software would have sorted out the bios hard drive limit, but excelstor do not have any software for this.

I could have bought ontrack disk manager but at $50+ was not worth it.

The best option I found would be to purchase a PCI IDE controller - the 133 ATA ones are about £25 - seems too much for this machine, although I may be able to pick up a cheap ATA 66 one on Ebay - will see what my mate thinks.

Wireless adapter installed and communicating OK with my netgear router anyway - hopefully when I take it to my mates it will all connect wirelessly OK with the D-Link router - I am going to fit this to my PC now and set it up.

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